Halloween is just around the corner, which means the ongoing question that has been rattling just about everyone’s brain is “what am I going to wear?” 

While Pinterest and Google Images become the two main hubs for inspiration, as we all try to figure out individual, group and couple costumes, I’m sure we’ve all seen the recurring popular costumes of “space cowboy,” “holy cow,” angel and devil, aliens and “frat boys.” Even though these ideas are all great, it seems that they have already been used by almost everyone within the last two or three years. 

If you want to stand out from the crowd like me and have your own unique costume that is sure to gain you compliments, then here are some of my favorite new costumes that you and your friends could dress up as and be sure to stand out!

Wanda and Cosmo – This costume combo is great for any two friends or significant others. All you need to do is wear a white top for Cosmo and a yellow top if you’re Wanda, matched with black bottoms and two mini shimmery crown’s on top of your head. For the hair, you can use a temporary hair dye to make the end of your tips either pink or green, kind of like an ombre, and you’re all set!

Popcorn – That’s right, you can dress as popcorn! All you need is a red and white striped skirt or shorts and a white top. From there, you can either glue popcorn onto the top or leave it white and buy a headpiece with the signature popcorn logo! It’s easy to put together and is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Sun and Moon Duo – Grab your friend or significant other and dress up this Halloween as the sun and moon combo! This costume choice leaves room for individual creativity. My suggestion however is for each person to wear bronze (for the sun) or silver (for the moon) platinum pants, with matching tops and a headband with either sun rays or a crescent moon on top. You are sure to stand out with this one!

Mermaid – Not many people have dressed up as a mermaid in recent years, which is absolutely crazy considering how cute the costume can be! Buy yourself a shiny blue or green skirt, a shiny top to match, some starfish pins for your hair and body glitter to mimic scales! You can also add accessories like a fishing net skirt, seashell necklace or starfish headband. 

Poseidon – What better way to match a mermaid than to dress as Poseidon? Grab yourself a tunic (which can easily be created using your bed sheet), a crown and a trident and you are good to go. 

Popeye and Olive Oyl – This is my favorite Halloween couple costume by far! I may be a little bit biased since I dressed as this last Halloween, but it is easy to put together and absolutely adorable. For Olive Oyl, just wear a red shirt, black skirt, white socks and some yellow earrings. For Popeye, wear a black button down, red neck scarf and a sailor hat. Then grab yourself a can of spinach and you’re set to impress! 

Race Car Driver – This costume can be great for anybody. Throw on some black bottoms and a top, add white and black checkerboard accessories and grab a red flag to hold and you are ready to stun the crowds! 

There’s plenty of more unique costumes out there besides these, but hopefully this helps you to get the wheels turning as Halloween draws nearer!


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