Watching the soft, blue, glistening snowflakes fall outside of your window has to be one of the most breathtaking views in the wintertime. Not only is it a symbol of beauty, but it’s also a sign that a cozy snow day filled with movies, blankets and warm treats are in store for all! 

If you’re having trouble picking out which goodies are best to pair with the cold, lazy day, here are six comfort desserts that will be sure to toast you from the inside out as well as put a smile on your face.

1. Sticky Buns

Warm, gooey dough topped with brown sugar-covered pecans: what could be better than that? Sticky buns are the updated, 2.0 version of cinnamon rolls. This is easy for me to say since I am someone who is obsessed with pecans and will put them in every dessert, even if they don’t call for them. The nutty crunch is the perfect addition for flavor and texture, making this treat an absolute must on any brutal afternoon.

2. Molten Chocolate Cake 

Molten chocolate cakes might be a popular dessert consumed in any season, but I personally feel that the heated, chocolate avalanche should be reserved for when it’s needed the most: the wintertime. The rich, oozing molten center acts almost analogous to the rolling snow on the hillsides not too far away. As long as you don’t pair it with any chilly, vanilla ice cream, a lava cake should do just the trick.

3. Warm Hot Cocoa Chocolate Chip Muffins

If you aren’t starting your snowy morning with a cup of steaming hot chocolate, the least you could do is incorporate the staple flavor someway into your brisk day. A moist, yet dense muffin is the perfect taste and amount you need to satisfy any cozy craving you bare that day. And who knows, maybe you can pair these mini cakes with a mug of cocoa too, as they probably are the best duo!

4. Lemon Pudding Cake 

Lemons are one of the few fruits we are fortunate to still have access to during a “barren” harvest season. This is why, taking advantage of its citrus, tang should be included in at least one dish amongst the cooler months. Lemon pudding cake is the model treat, as it combines a mixture of palates and textures that compliment every ingredient in perfect harmony. The sharp zest, sweet powdered sugar, smooth pudding and soft cake will undoubtedly push you into a long nap beside the crackling warmth of the fireplace. 

5. Orange Crush Pound Cake 

Oranges are another perfect choice to base your treat around if you own more of a light, fruity palate over a thick chocolate one and they can also be purchased in stores during this time. What’s even cooler about this recipe is that it includes orange soda, enhancing the tanginess! But personally, I think the orange cream cheese frosting is the addition that is bound to put this goody at number one for most people.

6. Gingerbread Bread Pudding 

Gingerbread is definitely strictly a winter taste, and no one can tell me otherwise. The comforting hug that is the flavor of molasses and cinnamon is the reason why everyone should try gingerbread bread pudding during at least one snow day in their life. Except, I would leave the ice cream for another time and just enjoy the warm spices it has to offer. After all, we’re making these treats for the purpose of keeping us snug!

 As you find yourself wrapped in your cozy sweatpants and fuzzy socks admiring the pile of snowflakes that have guaranteed you a day off of work, you might as well continue to treat yourself to a full-fledged day of fun, that being, a day that includes something absolutely delicious. Whether it be one of the dishes I’ve chosen above, a long-time family secret recipe or something completely different you’ve found from Google, a warm baked good is a necessity for any and every snow day.


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