School apparel is a part of every students’ wardrobe and everyone loves to have Fairfield pride with items from our bookstore. This is a list of the best bookstore sale items that I either have or want in my closet, and since apparel can get expensive, it is important to know about the sales on campus!

The Jansport Fairfield University Stags Women’s 1/4 Zip Chelsea Fleece Pullover is a staple of my wardrobe. It is an athletic quarter-zip and the cotton quality makes it super comfortable. The pullover is classic Fairfield red and tight fitted, making it perfect for cheering on your favorite Stags team or for your everyday wardrobe. It is definitely versatile and is currently on sale for $38.

Under Armour Fairfield University Stags 1/4 Zip Top is another great top to get while it’s on sale for $40. The top is perfect for going to the gym and it even has an anti-odor technology, perfect for when you have to squeeze your workout into your class schedule.

To wear under your Under Armor workout top, the Under Armour Fairfield University Stags Tank Top is another item perfect for a workout. It is a typical razorback silhouette, and I find it to be both a great top to work out in and extremely easy to layer. I usually wear the top with a sports bra and sport fleece over it, and it never looks too bulky. The top is currently on sale for $25, which is a great price for the high-quality of the material.

An item most people do not think about at school is gloves. Long walks across campus can make your hands freeze, which is why I purchased the Columbia Fairfield University Stags Thermarator Gloves. These gloves are so warm, and right now are only $8, opposed to the usual $35. I took these gloves on a skiing trip with me and they were truthfully better than the North Face Gloves I had at home.

The final sale item I do not currently own, but after seeing the amazing sale I definitely have to have, is the MV Sport Fairfield University Crewneck Sweatshirt. While there is nothing extremely special about this sweatshirt, it is currently on sale for $8. I personally love crewnecks, and think they are so comfortable, and any crewneck you can get for $8 is a really good deal for me.

I do want to mention the bookstore’s newest addition, the Boxercraft Fairfield University Women’s Slim Fit 1/4 Zip Sherpa Pullover Sweatshirt, which goes for $54 regular price. While this item is not on sale, this pullover is the perfect winter apparel because it is warm, fuzzy, and cozy. This sherpa is perfect for attending an outdoor game, walking to class, or really any activity you can think of, and I promise you will never want to take it off. The sherpa comes in two colors, smoky grey and a washed out red, and they both have a very winter feel.

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