One of the greatest advantages to being a Fairfield University student is all of the incredible eateries available in the area. Fairfield County is undoubtedly a haven for foodies, and us Stags are definitely pretty spoiled. Personally, I most commonly seek out the amazing food off campus throughout the course of the weekend. In these cases, I am often seeking out the best breakfast options around. After nearly four years of hungry weekend mornings, I’ve compiled a master list of the best establishments for a weekend breakfast. Whether you’re seeking to cure a hangover or simply too lazy to chef up yourself, there are so many amazing alternatives for any occasion.


For a bottomless brunch…

The Sinclair

Brunch at The Sinclair is anything but basic. Whether you’re seated indoors or outdoors, the crisp white and modern decor of this restaurant will undoubtedly brighten up your morning. Their menu ranges from the typical brunch favorites to more unique options, like breakfast pasta. Not only does their menu include a diverse and delicious selection of food, but they also offer bottomless bloody Mary’s, red sangria, mimosas and bellinis for $17.50.


For the sweet tooth…


This cute and cozy diner is both family-friendly and welcoming to pancake lovers of all ages. Known for their endless selection of pancakes, Chips is a sweet tooth’s breakfast dream come true. Although their massive menu does stretch to a variety of savory alternatives for both breakfast and lunch, it is difficult to see past the pancakes. From buttermilk to birthday cake, the opportunities are endless.


For the best egg sandwiches…

Hole in the Wall

Fairfield’s best egg sandwich is arguably the most debated and sought after food for Fairfield U students. While I have had the opportunity to try a wide variety of breakfast sandwiches around the area, I’ve come to the conclusion that Hole in the Wall is the best of the BEC’s. Small and set back on Post Road, this unassuming deli truly is a hole in the wall. However, their served-all-day breakfast selections are truly delicious. Their breakfast sandwich specials in particular are exactly how they are referred to, special.


For the indecisive eater…

Circle Diner

There’s nothing more comforting for me on a weekend morning than going to a diner. Perhaps this is an unpopular personal preference, but regardless, the Circle Diner is all at once soothing and satisfying. On those mornings when you truly could eat anything and everything, this is the perfect place to be. Their menu maintains all the typical diner classics, but they do it all oh so well. When indecision strikes, the Circle Diner is your safest bet. Order at random, or order the whole menu. Either way, you can’t fail.


For the best bagels…

Village Bagels

Being from Long Island, this was not an easy decision for me to make. While no Connecticut bagel will ever compare to those from home (and don’t fight me on that), Village Bagels are the closest it comes to curing the cravings. Their menu consists of a wide variety of breakfast and sandwich options, but I usually keep it simple with an everything bagel with cream cheese. Whatever your bagel and spread preferences are, you really can’t go wrong, and make sure to have it toasted!


For the weekend your parents come to visit…


Centro Ristorante, an Italian restaurant on Post Road, is one of those foolproof food places for any occasion. However, their brunch is a little known secret and often overshadowed by their other Italian dishes. While the dishes included on their lunch and dinner menus are undeniably delicious, their brunch is top-notch. In lieu of the typical Italian style bread and oil, you are served croissants and strawberry butter, which is debatably the best part of the meal. However, their classic brunch selections are truly exceptional as well. Offered on Sunday’s from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., it is my favorite place to bring family and any weekend visitors, especially on sunny Sunday’s to enjoy the outdoor seating.


For the best coffee…

Donut Inn

When caffeine is at the top of your concerns, look no further than Donut Inn. Colleges are a breeding ground for coffee addictions, and Fairfield University is no different. I can’t argue with the reliability of the typical coffee chains. However, one sip from this unsuspecting local favorite will have you sold. I genuinely cannot compare their iced coffee to any other, and trust me when I say that I have plenty of iced coffee experience to compare. In truth, the Donut Inn drive-through will be one of my hardest goodbyes come graduation.

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