Over the past few months, a young culinary critic rose to fame. He is a first-grader in Fairfield, Conn. named Leo Kelly, but many of his fans know him as The Shirley Temple King. I had the opportunity to interview Leo over FaceTime the other day and I’m here to share all the details. Leo discussed how excited he is to go to artisan for a Shirley Temple when quarantine is over. He loves sitting outside with his family to enjoy the delicious drink. He also gave a nod to the outdoor seating at Centro; The Shirley Temple King loves supporting his hometown of Fairfield and all its local eateries. Leo recommends three cherries per Shirley Temple. If he could have a Shirley Temple with anyone it would be both Spongebob and Captain Underpants. His favorite food to pair with a Shirley Temple is pizza, and Colony Grill is his go-to spot. Leo even confessed that he’d love to go to Fairfield University when he’s old enough. He especially likes that if he went to Fairfield U he could still sleep in his own bed and stay close to his mom! A cause that is very important to Leo is being environmentally conscious. He advocates for the use of glass cups and reusable straws in order to save the world one Shirley Temple at a time! 

If you’d like to learn more about my interview with The Shirley Temple King please check out the full article here: https://spoonuniversity.com/lifestyle/shirley-temple-king-interview    Thank you! 

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