Stag’s spring break is coming up quickly, with only days before we get more than a week off of school! So let’s see what Stags are getting up to over their much-needed time off! 

Many Stags are packing their bags and preparing to travel over break. 

As a group, The Glee Club will venture into Italy. First-Year Nathalie Bates is going to bless the ears of Italians and others residing in Italy as the Glee Club sings their way around Rome, Assisi and Florence. She states, “we’re singing too many songs to count, but one of them is Te Deum by Haydn which is super long …”

Sophomore Frances Harmon also takes part in the Glee Club and will travel with them to Italy to also bless their ears with her voice. When asked what she’s looking forward to, she said she’s “excited for everything.” Sophomore Aimee Sardilli is joining the fun as well and looks forward to singing at The Vatican—impressive stuff. 

Others are tired of the cold and even though winter hasn’t seemed as harsh this year, they’re still excited to escape and embark on trips to warmer climates. 

Sophomore Veronica McAdams can’t wait to travel to San Diego with her mom. In San Diego, they are “staying on the Coronado Naval Base” as they visit her uncle who is an admiral. She claims he “is in charge of the Pacific Ocean.” Whatever that means … Personally, that seems like a large area to be in charge of. 

Miami is another hot destination, as Aubrey Silverman ‘25 is heading down south with her mom and planning to stay in their apartment “for a nice little three-day getaway.”  

Another aspect of Spring Break to look forward to is a break from school work—which is probably coveted by everyone on campus. 

First-Year Jonathan Vicente states what we’re all thinking: “I am looking forward to a break from my studies.” Simple, yet the correct answer. He mentioned spending time with his dog and watching movies with his family as well. He adds, “I also plan on heading down to the city with my girlfriend to go to the Met.” 

However, some students are not abandoning their “grindset” mentalities over break and plan to work at home. 

Junior Garrett Nelson states, “why spend money when you can earn it?” and is going to work at his local ACE hardware store over break.  

Sophomore Lauren Martland agrees with his sentiments, as she’ll “be working … and then hitting the town!” She just couldn’t forget to mention her excitement for the Newport St. Paddy’s Day Parade!

Another Sophomore, Jennifer Fajardo will work in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions over break and will give tours to prospective students.  

Local travel serves to make for an equally thrilling break (Local meaning there’s no plane ride necessary.) 

Senior Maria Boyle is going to Washington, D.C., which she claims is “kind of a random destination.” She’s visiting a friend who lives there and because she’s only been there once before, she looks forward to seeing all the monuments she missed her first time. 

Junior Thomas Drillien bought tickets to a John Mayer concert in Boston. He just can’t wait to drunkenly belt out the lyrics to his favorite John Mayer song, “Waiting on the World to Change.” He promises he’s only going to have a few drinks—and will be doing so legally, as he’s getting pretty old.  

But Spring Break won’t be fun for everyone, as Danny Onorato ‘24 has to get his wisdom teeth removed.  

Whether you’re getting loopy on anesthesia, bathing in the Miami rays or visiting your uncle who rules over the Pacific Ocean (Poseidon!?), make sure to relax and enjoy every second of your time off! 

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