The only thing I was dreading when returning to campus for the spring semester was going back to my meal plan, instead of having my mom’s home-cooked dinners. While we had plenty of options in the fall, some days I had a hard time finding something I liked, or I just didn’t feel like standing in the food truck lines in below-freezing weather. However, I was luckily in for a surprise when I found out that Fairfield University has brought back some of their pre-COVID-19 meal stations, which undoubtedly improved the dining choices and range! 

The Daniel and Grace Tully Dining Commons has reintroduced their two ‘make your own’ counters, including a salad and deli buffet-style bar. These additions have been such a blessing for so many reasons. They’re both healthy alternatives, you can design both sandwiches and salads to your personal liking and it’s something you can never get sick of. You can top your salad with a range of fresh and delicious ingredients too, like cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, peppers, chickpeas, onions, crispy chicken, grilled chicken, cheese, croutons and more! The only thing I wish they had is homemade dressings, instead of the packaged ones–but I’ll take what I can get. Continually, the deli section has a multitude of different wraps and rolls, lunch meats, tasty sauces and other toppings. It would be a lie if I said I hadn’t gotten a wrap at least once a day since they’ve opened!

Another significant improvement that Fairfield dining has made this semester is making the sushi in the Stag Diner available to purchase with a meal swipe, instead of a dining dollar-only purchase! The amount of money I spent on sushi last fall was pretty insane, so this is the greatest gift they could have given me. Every roll I’ve gotten has always been super fresh and filling, so I know that if all else fails, I could at least still have my tempura maki as a backup any day.

If sushi isn’t your thing and you’ve eaten at the buffet stations too many times to count, you can still choose from the other dining venues, such as the food trucks, micro-markets, Dunkin or your dining hall meal of the day. Nevertheless, these changes have ultimately reassured me that you and I won’t go hungry this spring semester… or at least not any time soon!

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