The Mark Morris Dance Group is set to take the Quick Center stage on Saturday, Sept. 15, at 8 p.m.
Though school has just begun, some of us will agree that a break is already in desperate need.
For those who would like to embark on an adventure outside the confines of their classes, the underlying question that prevails for many is where can some of us go for entertainment if we lack transportation?

There is hope.

Without a doubt, great possibilities for enjoyment and discovery can be found in the Quick Center for the Arts. The goal for this upcoming season is to host a unique mix of performers from the world of dance, music and theatre, and also serve as a base that presents the conflicts of our generation for discussion.

Because of the given significance of urban life in a rapidly changing world, the area of focus for this upcoming year is “cities.” These lectures, performances, and exhibitions will serve to challenge students’ minds and bring the community together to embark on a journey of unforgettable experiences.

That being said, Saturday, Sept. 15 at 8 p.m., Fairfield will host the world renowned Mark Morris Dance Group, known for its compelling modern style of dance with rich folk history.

Adrienne Bryant, Quick Center assistant director, shared some information about her knowledge of the dance group. “The company feels strongly about sharing their work and their love of what they do with the Fairfield community,” she said.
“And while some guests may sing, dance, perform, and then leave, their performances accompany an emotional experience.”

What is great about this particular opportunity is that, as Bryant explained, “this is going to be so much more than a dance performance. It is going to be equally exciting for any music fan.”

There is something for everyone at the Quick Center. Fairfield will also host a few political and international forums.
On Wednesday, Sept. 19, at 8 p.m.,the Open Visions Forum will feature Lesley Stahl, a reporter, journalist and author who has reported for CBS on 60 Minutes and has held the position of CBS News White House correspondent during the presidencies of both President Ronald Reagan and President Jimmy Carter.

Dr. Philip Eliasoph, a professor of art history, spoke highly of Stahl noting, “She has been an exemplary public advocate courageously speaking on behalf of us. It is a privilege for our students, faculty, and community to have such an eminent award winning journalist in our house, on our stage, on our Fairfield campus.”

The upcoming series of entertainment also includes multiple exhibits at the Bellarmine Museum Of Art, such as “Drawings from the Dahesh Museum of Art” which will be held Thursday, Oct. 11 through Friday, Jan. 18.

A global perspective on dance will be shared with us by The National Circus of the People’s Republic of China with their “Cirque Chinois” circus festival Friday, Nov. 2.

As Bryant explained, “In 2012-13 we hope to continue the long tradition of the Quick Center as a cultural hub for both the on- and off-campus communities, while expanding our efforts to create a place where patrons and students alike can gather to experience, learn, and grow through the Arts.”

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