Alumni Eric Donnelly ’01, Tim Warren ’03  and Kurt Leon ’07 took center stage at Fairfield Theatre Company on Saturday, Nov. 2, to perform for an overbooked audience with their band, The Alternate Routes.

The crowd was overwhelmed by the musicianship of each player. Donnelly on guitar, Warren on vocals and Leon on drums opened all ears to a whole new realm of sound. Together they were unstoppable. However, The Alternate Routes were not the only musicians at FTC.

Fans played quarter notes, stomping their feet on the wooden floors. Others sang along with Warren. One fan was even playing air-guitar in the back corner of the room.

Warren was able to communicate with audience and make them feel as if they were a vital part of the band.

The 90-minute set took the crowd on a journey, exploring the variety of songs that The Alternate Routes had to offer. alternate routesThe band played new songs that they plan on recording for an upcoming album, as well as songs dating as far back as Warren’s high school years.

Furthermore, the band shifted from a duet with Warren and Donnelly on guitar to the full band with guitars, vocals, drums, keyboards, accordion, upright bass and a load of special effects.

The Alternative Routes played a total of nine new songs, something unheard of  at any live performance. “We are lucky to have that relationship with our fans,” said Warren.

The performance shifted from a duet with Warren and Donnelly on guitar to a full band with guitars, vocals, drums, keyboards, an accordion, upright bass, and a load of special effects.

“We have been doing this a long time,” said Donnelly. Graduating magna cum laude Donnelly received many honors at Fairfield, including the Mary Louise Larrabee Award for Outstanding Achievement in Music. Something that has aided Donnelly in his musical career.

The Alternate Routes grows deeper than their musicianship and popularity in Fairfield County.

Their popular track “Nothing More” was written in memory of those affected by the Sandy Hook Elementary school tragedy. Warren prefaced the song with a lengthy and heartfelt introduction.

“Nothing More” supports Newtown Kindness; a non-profit organization that promotes acts of kindness around the world. The song has received radio play on over 25 stations throughout the country. When you download “Nothing More,” half the proceeds go to benefit the Newtown Kindness cause.

When the band is not performing on stage or supporting their community, they display the power and love that exist within the music.

Backstage, there are the rumble of drumsticks on a fold out chair, a vocalist singing, others strumming lightly on a guitars and the conversations. Bandmates talk about how music has brought them together. Artists share the musical milestones they have accomplished and what had drawn them into the music industry.

alternate routes 2As the band is about to go on stage, some are nervous, others hurry to gather their respective instruments and set list. When the show begins, everything rehearsed comes together and the true music is heard.

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