There are many spring and summer scents that smell amazing and are affordable. Spring and Summer are two of my favorite seasons and I also love scents for these seasons as well. I rely heavily on Bath and Body Works perfumes and scents and over the years I have spent a lot of time and money there. Starting off with some of my personal all-time favorite spring and summer scents from Bath and Body Works, there are a variety of wonderful scents but these are the ones that stood out most to me!

In the Spring, these scents are some of my personal favorites. You’re The One with white birch, velvety rose, and a drop of strawberry nectar. This scent smells just like quality time with the one you love or a fresh start of spring and warmth that can feel like winter too. I have a hand sanitizer of this scent that I put in my backpack and put on all the time and I absolutely love it. Pure Wonder with iced rośe, star jasmine, and warm white amber smells like a joyful bright day in spring when you are going on a nice picnic sipping some sparkling rośe. 

One of my top three summer scents is Midsummer Dream with fresh nectarine, salted pear, and seaside lily. This scent smells like a nice summer day where you’re laying on the beach and soaking up the sun. At the Beach with Frangipani blossoms, toasted coconut, and bergamot waters. This scent makes me feel like I am on my favorite vacation and smells like coconut sunscreen where the beach is a happy memory. Watermelon lemonade with watermelon ice, sparkling water, and Meyer lemon. This scents like a nostalgic summer sip of fresh watermelon juice, squeezed lemonade, and just a hint of soda with a sprinkle of sugar and lemon. 

My favorite Spring and Summer scents aren’t just limited to all Bath and Body Works products, there are many more scents from other popular brands as well. One of my favorite spring and summer scents that I use all the time is Burberry Her. I have had this scent since I was in high school and I would always go through it so quickly. This scent smells like a carefree woman with a mix of both fruity and floral scents. The scent opens with juicy green pear, strawberry and blackcurrant, and a hint of spicy pink peppercorn. In the heart of it are peonies, honeysuckle, lily of valley and rose. Then the scent closes with musk and cedarwood. 
Another Spring scent that I just adore is Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Intense because it smells like the richness of spring in full bloom. It begins with sparkling pear, strawberry, and bergamot. The heart of it is rosebuds and jasmine with honey. Lastly, the base of it is benzoin, moss, vanilla, and musk. This scent smells like a beautiful golden hour with the sunset and a nice spring day under the warm sun that gives off a vibrant and sweet scent.

I hope this list gives you some ideas for the perfect perfume. These scent suggestions are sure to help you craft your personal scent for this spring and summer season!

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