New year. New classes. New pizza. With the school year starting up again, there is always a sense of a fresh start in the atmosphere.  There are changes happening this fall and one of them is new management of The Levee at Fairfield.

Students have come to know and love the food and atmosphere of The Levee, which houses an on-campus pizza restaurant that provides delivery as well as a great place for school events to be held.

However, Angelo’s Pizza, which was the previous food service of the establishment, moved out this summer to make way for a new player.

The Nauti Dolphin has officially moved in. This well-known pizza restaurant was founded in 1992 and in 1997 moved to its current location on 1 Carter Henry Drive in Fairfield, which is right between the train station and the Fairfield Theatre Company.

The two co-owners of Nauti Dolphin, Greg Roberts and Scott Hartley, said they are optimistic about their move to the Levee.

Fairfield administration expressed enthusiasm to welcome the Nauti Dolphin to the Levee. In an email sent to all students, they said there is a real drive to incorporate this signature pizza restaurant. Fairfield is a tight community and introducing such a central establishment into the campus can only improve student life, and appetite, the email said.

There will be an extensive Italian menu to choose from in addition to the bar and the famous chicken turnover. The interior of the Levee has been revamped with a new look and, of course, some Nauti Dolphin touches all around the restaurant.

“There’s nothing like a good atmosphere. It’s where people want to go,” said Roberts about the new move and renovations to The Levee. He and Hartley said they both want to work with Fairfield administration to put The Levee back on the map and enjoy meeting the new students.9-11Levee6

Roberts said, “We’ve been doing Nauti for years and when Fairfield approached us in the spring, things just took off. It’s been a great experience dealing with everyone at the university.”

He said that dealing with great people has been one of the most satisfying parts of this journey.

The co-owner of Nauti Dolphin said he is also very enthusiastic about the food being served. “We use good ingredients, we don’t skimp and we just think about how to make it better. We want to get our menu down cold in the new location before we transition to some new menu items,” said Roberts.

Bringing the Nauti Dolphin quality is key to making this move work right from every angle.

Many see change as a good thing, and as this new semester ramps up there is a need for a new place on campus where students can kick back and relax. This is the ultimate goal.

How are Fairfield students feeling about the Nauti Dolphin so far?

“I’ve only had a leftover Margarita Pizza so far and it was great, but I can only imagine what it tastes like when its warm,” said Emily Bevacqua ’16.

In addition to the more traditional items on the menu, there are other options as well. “I’m also happy they have gluten free pizza” she said.

Sophomore Raff Reali said, “They’re so much nicer here. Everyone is really personable and accommodating, too.”

With an ambitious and passionate staff and students hankering for a new taste, the Nauti Dolphin seems like just the right addition to Fairfield for the new year.

Roberts said that in the short amount of time since they started to renovate the Levee in July, there has been a revamped version of the restaurant that really invites the students.

New and improved food and environment seem like a sorely needed change for The Levee, and Nauti Dolphin delivers, literally.

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