A new year is upon us and with New Year’s resolutions and a new semester also comes new spring fashion trends to look forward to. Although 2016’s trends will surely linger for a while longer, there are a host of new styles, prints and colors to test out that will have you looking fresh well into 2017.


Khaki – When most people think of khaki, they think of a dull, taupe-colored pair of pants. However, 2017 ushers in a new era of khaki, according to ELLE magazine. From dresses for women to jackets for both guys and girls, khaki is getting a modern revamp that puts the industrial fabric to work in a much more fashionable way than ever before. What’s interesting to note is that the magazine pinpoints trenchcoats as another major trend of 2017, a double-breasted style of coat that is often made in khaki. The trench coat will be experiencing a modernization of its own that coincides with that of khaki, transforming into a jacket with exaggerated lapels, detailed belts and even long coats that invoke a duster jacket style. So it’s safe to say that khaki — and a khaki trench coat at that — will be a must-have for men and women in 2017.


Bold Prints – Prints are always in style, but this year, bolder is better. Vogue Paris forecasts that thick stripes, eye-catching florals and even graphic prints reminiscent of modern art are all expected to be major trends for 2017. The best part about this trend is that it is versatile enough for anyone to incorporate it into their existing wardrobes. To test out the trend, start slow by pairing your printed piece with something simple; for example, pair a graphic printed shirt with solid items (like jeans) or neutral items (clothing in navy, black or brown). Once you start getting comfortable wearing bold patterns, you can start to mix patterns and prints. Just make sure that only one print is the star of the outfit, that the prints you are mixing share a similar color and that the remaining prints are small enough to not compete with your trendy bold print.


Sport Sandals – The athleisure trend is proving its staying power in spring 2017, with sport sandals making their official debut as a fashion statement, according to Vogue. But make no mistake: these aren’t your average Adidas slide sandals that we all wore to our sports practices in high school. These sport sandals can be brightly colored, heavily embellished or even have a huge platform that make them for anything but going to a sports game. Perhaps the best features of this trend are the accessibility and the comfort; a trend open to all, sport sandals provide a stylish yet comfortable alternative to include in your footwear collection.
If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to improve your style, these trends for spring 2017 may be just what you need to mark that resolution as complete.

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