When it comes to going on a date, figuring out what to wear is tricky. Most times, it takes going through a million different outfits before finding the right one — but if you keep these tips in mind, the decision-making process should be a bit easier.

Don’t Overdo It: You may be turning your room upside down to find the perfect outfit, but you never want it to show in your final look. Wearing revealing outfits, packing on pounds of makeup, over-accessorizing — all of these things should be toned down for a date. Try to lean toward the natural side and keep your look classy with a hint of flirty. Lastly, be aware of the type of environment where your date will take you because you want to be properly dressed.

Be Prepared for Surprises: When you don’t know the location of your date because you’re being surprised, don’t panic. In this situation, choosing an outfit can be tricky but the best solution is to play it safe. Remember to be casual, but never boring. Black jeans are always a go-to option. If the weather is nice, you can pair it with a sheer top and flats. If it’s cold outside, you can wear rider boots or booties and a leather jacket instead. And of course, include a few simple accessories.

Let Your Personal Style Show: No matter whom you’re going on a date with or where you’re going, you should always show your personal style. If you’re going out somewhere that requires a dress code that you’re not accustomed to, add a few of your favorite accessories to the mix to personalize your look. Besides, you’ll be more relaxed if you’re comfortable with the way that you look.

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