With Valentine’s Day around the corner, loved ones are going to the shops to find the perfect gift that says “I love you”. Flowers, jewelry and teddy bears are all popular go-to’s, but a sweet treat from your valentine is truly unmatched. In hopes to help the boyfriend, girlfriend or partner that lost track of the days in the frenzy that is the spring semester, I am ranking a girl’s favorite valentine’s day candies.

10. Box of Chocolates 

Of course, any person who receives a box of chocolates is sure to be over the moon in love with you. However, it could not be more overdone. You want your partner to feel like you put at least a little bit of thought behind your gift to them. A box of chocolates says: “I walked into the nearest convenience store and grabbed the first thing I saw.” Be more creative and get your valentine something that they love.

9. Fun Dip Valentine’s

I know what you are thinking: Fun Dip for Valentine’s Day? For me at least, this sour treat was a staple in my childhood valentine’s card exchange. It is cute, portable and yummy, but most notably super nostalgic. Fun Dip is guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of your loved one. 

8. Conversation Hearts

These tiny treats are notoriously the most iconic Valentine’s Day candy. They are adorable with their various compliments and pastel colors but they lack in one area: their taste. I have never encountered someone who has ever confessed that they enjoy eating conversation hearts. I would recommend these as an extra surprise to go along with another little something. Every girl would love to pick out their favorite hearts from the package and take their perfect Valentine’s Day picture for their Instagram story, but afterward, they will go in the trash instead of someone eating them.

7. Heart-Shaped Lollipops

A classic heart-shaped lollipop is sure to please everyone and anyone. My favorite kind is the Tiger Pop brand Strawberry & Cream flavor. These red and white swirled pops are another nostalgic pick, yet they might dazzle your valentine this season.

6. Personalized M&Ms

M&Ms are a major candy for just about every holiday. In recent years, personalized ones have been becoming more and more popular for weddings, birthdays and you guessed it, Valentine’s Day. They are one-of-a-kind goodies that only you could give to your loved one. The only downside is that they are really expensive for just a small bag of mediocre chocolate. I recommend getting your valentine something just as heartfelt, but more flavorful. 

5. Their Favorite Candy but Heart-Shaped

This pick might seem simple, but that is the reason it is overlooked. Going back to the box of chocolate idea, your valentine should feel like you put thought into your gift. I know that if you presented them with their favorite candy, your partner would be overjoyed. All you have to do is spice it up by taking advantage of the delightful heart-shaped variations available this time of year. Some great heart-shaped options include Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Sour Patch Kids and Junior Mints. 

4. All The Reds

For the valentine that does not like chocolate, get them gummies. As a non-chocolate lover myself (trust me, I see the irony here), this would be my choice. Do not stop at getting a sleeve of Starbursts or Fruit Snacks. What every gummy-lover wants is a pack of all of the red and pink flavors and around Valentine’s Day, what can be more perfect? In my experience, the strawberry, cherry and even red apple flavors are always the first to be eaten no matter the brand of candy. Some great options are Starbursts, Fruit Snacks and Swedish Fish. 

3. Dove Chocolate

This can go for really any chocolate that is higher quality than your typical Hershey’s. Among my friends, Dove Dark Chocolate is our favorite. Yes, I said our favorite. I am not a complete monster! These decadent bites are available in heart shapes; again, making them a perfect fit for this holiday. You can even go one step further for the “chocoholic” in your life by gifting them elevated flavors like chili or lavender. 

2. Coffee Shop Treat

If candy really is not your valentine’s vibe, treat them to a coffee date. Take them to a local aesthetically pleasing coffee shop for a cup of joe and a pastry. Even a trip to Starbucks for an iced caramel macchiato and a heart-shaped cake pop would be a lovely surprise. This idea also serves as a date spot where you can spend the 14th with your loved one. I am positive that your valentine will love nothing more than to chat in a quaint coffee house with you until the sun goes down.

1. Chocolate Covered Anything

My research tells me (and by research I mean asking my friends), that the most favored Valentine’s Day candy is a chocolate-covered pretzel, espresso bean, strawberry, etc. These again are notorious V-Day treats but it is for a reason–they are so dang good. Even if they are overdone, their flavor makes up for it. The perfect crunch of a pretzel or juiciness of a strawberry paired with rich and creamy chocolate makes for a happy valentine. 

There you have it! A perfect guide to buying your loved one’s Valentine’s Day treat. Now, who is going to find me a valentine to send this article to?

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