I. Do you prefer to take finals remotely, or in person?

Julia: Neither. Both are absolutely dreadful!

Catherine: I agree with Lanz! I would rather not have to take finals at all. 

Sheila: I wish we got to take them in person, it’s so hard to focus at home!

Molly: I only enjoy elaborate dioramas with lots of glitter. 


II. When do you think the first batch of COVID-19 vaccines will come out in the United States?

Julia: I have a feeling that by January first responders and high-risk people will begin to have access to the vaccine, but who knows.

Catherine: Maybe in a couple more months? Hopefully it will be soon for those who need it most! 

Sheila: I have also heard some conflicting information but I am hoping for late January/ early February! 

Molly: I’ve heard January for first responders and front line workers. I do hope everyone gets over vaccination fear and there’s no ridiculous following of conspiracy theories. 


III. What is the best holiday movie?

Julia: “It’s a Wonderful Life” is a classic. It’s not as commercialized as other movies but to me it is the pinnacle of all Christmas films. 

Catherine: “The Year Without a Santa Claus” is the BEST! My brother and I dressed up as the Heat and Snow Miser Brothers one year for Halloween…we are always channeling Christmas!

Sheila: 100% has to be “Home Alone”! So fun, great for all age groups, and it never fails to make me laugh!

Molly: “Love Actually” or “Arthur Christmas.” If it’s not British, I don’t want it. 


IV. Do you predict that next semester will be different than this one regarding COVID restrictions?

Julia: I hope so but that all depends on whether or not cases start to go down and this country gets it together.

Catherine: I think that there will still be restrictions in place, but I’m hoping that COVID will have calmed down a bit more by then so restrictions can be more loose. 

Sheila: I think that the only return to normalcy will come when everyone is vaccinated! Until then we are just going to face the same problems!

Molly: I’m sure that we won’t return to campus until later than initially thought as cases continue to skyrocket and overwhelm hospitals. 


V. How do you plan on celebrating the holidays this year?

Julia: Unfortunately, I think Christmas will end up being a lot like Thanksgiving, with just my parents and siblings, but that’s okay. As long as everyone’s healthy, I’ll just be happy to be celebrating at all!

Catherine: It will most likely just be my parents and brother celebrating together like it was for Thanksgiving, but the day will definitely involve a Zoom call with my extended family!

Sheila:  Just hanging with my immediate family in my house, but I am trying to keep things as festive as possible! 

Molly: Pajamas, mulled wine, and my cute festive reindeer socks. I love a low key Christmas.

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