As the drawbridge lowered, I finally got a good look…at my virginity.

I’ve never seen my virginity. We’ve never met in person, or maybe we had but I had no recollection.

As the drawbridge lowered, it felt like heaven was getting ready to kiss the surface of earth.

My virginity stood there firmly, smiling like a toddler whose wish was just fulfilled.

My virginity stood there, only three feet tall. My entire birth name was tattooed right across the neck. “What a brutal tattoo,” I thought to myself, but a sure way of identifying the owner.

That was Angela Mollie’s virginity and no other.

I was anxious beyond belief.  My thoughts ran rapidly. Questions pierced my cranium.

Should I run and hug it? And if I did would we magically combine?

Is it possible, after all these years, for my virginity to truly become mine?


As the drawbridge lowered, I finally got a good look…at my virginity.

The five-year-old trapped in my thirty year old body screamed aloud. The joyous five-year-old within me was overwhelmed with disbelief.


As the drawbridge lowered, the five-year-old within me began to step forward. Each step led by curiosity. Each step intrigued to know what this could mean.


As the drawbridge lowered, I finally got a good look…at my virginity.

Never did I once see it, or maybe I did but just couldn’t remember.

The day had finally arrived where my virginity and I would meet eye-to-eye.

The drawbridge stopped and I began to approach it. My virginity stood there smiling innocently.

Deep down I was furious but I couldn’t help but smile back.

The five-year-old within me embraced it but the thirty-year-old me interrupted:

So finally you’ve decided to show yourself. For twenty-five years I’ve heard people tell me about the time they’ve had with their virginity. And how good their life was with their virginity and how life changed when they were too mature to keep it.

I was so ashamed and sad to tell anyone that I’ve never had a good time with my virginity. Who would have believed me if said I never even met my virginity, when everyone gets one as soon as they’re born!

I fought back the tears. My virginity responded slowly to me:

Angela Mollie, we shared some good memories. I was right by your side since the day you were born. You can’t remember me because I left when you were five years old. The neighbor that always watched you, he took me away one night, while you were sleeping in your bed.

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  1. Jtg

    My heart jumps with anxiety as Your passages create suspense.Angela Mollie my heart aches and my throat clumps to a balling sensation that couldn’t seem to swallow.Itsaddens me that your emotions have become an extension of your pass but like a champion notion holds you back.


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