As a self-proclaimed feminist, I will fight until death for the equal treatment of women in society. I believe it is important that all females are given the chance to express themselves as individuals and pursue their goals, whether that entails being President of the United States or asking a guy from their chemistry class out on a date.

In spite of this, I still envy my fellow female college students of yesteryear who had first-hand experience of the art and practice of actual dating. After being at Fairfield for two years, I still find it hard to accept the harsh reality of the university romance scene.

It is sad to see so many of my friends who are not only beautiful young women, but also leaders on campus, smart beyond their years, and compassionate and witty, sit in their rooms feeling worthless because the guy they have their eyes on would rather take out the mindless little twit who’s whole world revolves around designer handbags and getting wasted five out of seven nights of the week.

Guys seem to complain about the lack of quality “datable” chicks at our school, but time after time, they reach into the den of inequity to find their Saturday night fling.

Don’t get me wrong, I love men. I believe they are truly one of God’s most glorious creations, but I cannot, for the life of me, figure out what it is that they are really looking for. Why it is so hard for them to admit they like a girl who enjoys going to museums on the weekends and whose vocabulary extends beyond that of what one might learn from watching daytime television?

Chivalry may be dead, but there are too many amazing Fairfield girls sitting around waiting for their Prince Charming.

There are too many guys who are caught up with chicks who are purely just a waste of their time.

I challenge the young men at our school to perhaps take a second look at the quirky girl in class with a sweet smile and strong opinions. She may turn out to be your future wife, or at least someone who can show you there is a lot more to relationships than late night AIM conversations that lead to extra awkward mornings.

Hold doors, say hello sincerely, and by God, ask a girl on a REAL date, why don’t ya?! You never know just what might happen.

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