To many here, Fairfield student government politics remains a bit of an enigma. It is tougher for a voting body to base their decisions on any type of logic when there are no political parties or significantly differing platforms. The first and foremost we can tell from any FUSA presidential candidate is their personality. Until the debate this Thursday, as students, we do not have access to much more.

This is why item number one on our candidate wish list is transparency. The ideal FUSA candidate should have clear goals, ideas and principles. A Jesuit education should put campaigns past the level of a popularity contest. Incumbent Alex Long ‘14 said he wanted the community he represents to be a team. Long has become a recognizable figure on campus, carrying himself well and showing interest in students’ opinions. We hope that our next president can maintain or improve what has been established this past year in that respect.

From there, we expect a vision for every corner of Fairfield’s special culture. We have populations, with tensions between them, on this campus that many in this community shy from discussing: social groups, authority figures and professors, just to name a few. A strong candidate would articulate how to bridge the gaps in our community. The FUSA president has an opportunity to wield the largest budget given to any club or organization and we want it used well.

Cabin fever has set in, but the warm weather will get here just in time for some aspects of student life that we hold most dear to begin. A president willing to represent and defend our passion for a memorable student life here is considered invaluable.

Basically, we want to be represented by someone who understands and can identify with all of us. We want someone who can do that with the class and intellect. The Mirror and all students will be watching. Good luck to the candidates.

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