Hails from: Oyster Bay, N.Y., though he has not lived there since 1965. He comes to Fairfield from a 16-year stint at the University of St. Louis in Missouri. He lived in Cambridge, Mass., and studied at the Weston Jesuit School of Theology last year.

Position: He currently holds the Director of Campus Ministry position previously held by Fr. Paul Carrier. Doody will also be serving as University Chaplain and living as the Resident Jesuit of Gonzaga Hall.

Thinks Fairfield students are: Warm, open, welcoming and highly energetic.

In his spare time: Doody reads fiction and theology, and enjoys going to movies and traveling. Last year was the first time since 1981 that he did not travel to Ireland. But, he asks, “Who has spare time?” He also said he likes to talk – “a lot!”

Most looking forward to: Getting to know the students. He says that he is not shy at all and hopes to have met everyone on campus by the end of first semester. He also encourages students to take advantage of the new Campus Ministry lounge, which is open all day, to take some time to relax with a soda or coffee.

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