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In the past, the student body has expressed disappointment with the programs FUSA has provided, or not provided.  However, with Eddie Muniz leading the way, students have been attracted to what FUSA has to offer.

In a survey of 40 undergraduate students at Fairfield passing through the BCC, 32 of them stated that they not only attended a FUSA event this semester, but also looked forward to what more FUSA has to offer.

Earlier this semester, the annual Presidential Ball was held at Bellarmine Hall.  Despite the rainy weather, almost 2,000 students were drawn to the ball. Students spent the night dancing and meeting new people, making this the highest attended FUSA event thus far this school year.

“I think Fairfield’s annual Presidential Ball was a very fun event for incoming freshman.  It was a great way to meet new people and interact in an entertaining way,” said Mari McKaba ’14.

In the past, the Presidential Ball has been known as an event that not only freshman attended.  However, John Nolan ’11, expresses his one-of-a-kind experience at this years Presidential Ball.

“Pres ball is the definition of a great time.  I wish I had gone all four years.  It was my last chance to go and I think I did it right.  I’ll definitely be thinking of the great memories and all the DFMOs (Dance Floor Make Outs) I witnessed on Bellarmine lawn at the ball when I stand in my cap and gown on the very same grass that served as the dance floor.”

Late night programs such as “Late Night at the Stag,” “Senior Mug Nights,”
“Pimp Your Pumpkin,” and “Late Night Bingo,” drew large crowds of people from different groups of friends, to experience something unique.

“I think what draws people to late night programming is the interest a student has in whatever event may be going on that particular night.  For example, we have a variety of magicians, comedians, and hypnotists come to campus…When we have sports trivia night, we get a crowd that is unique compared to other events,” said Muniz.

FUSA Programming, which was allocated a $70,000 budget this year, provides events on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday nights.

“With the programs starting at 9 p.m. or later, we are making sure that there are options for students who do not want to participate in the drinking culture or just want a place to go and have fun on the weekends,” said Muniz.

In mid-November, the Class of 2011 Council organized a Mohegan Sun Casino Trip.  The sold out trip had 150 seniors in attendance, at a cost of $15 per person.  Included was a bus to the Fairfield vs. Sacred Heart men’s basketball game, a free t-shirt, dinner and casino money voucher, and a private, two-hour happy hour at Ultra 88 Club.

“Casino night was my first time at a casino.  It was great being with all the seniors from the beach and on campus to get together and just let loose.  We had an awesome happy hour in a club just for us.  I mean, I lost my hearing for three days, but it was so worth it,” said Rosie Mathis ’11, “Top ten nights of college for sure!”

The happy hour, described as a discoteca, by several of the attendees, was the Class of 2011’s favorite part of the trip.

As for the spring semester, FUSA has “a good portion of the events planned, but there are still some open dates that will allow for the Programming Board to come up with some cool events,” said Muniz.

Some of the major events to look out for are the traditional semi-formal called Dogwoods, Siblings Weekend, Andrew Jenks from the MTV show World of Jenks, Screw Your Roommate, and monthly Broadway Shows.

In addition, the class council for sophomore, juniors, and seniors has a major event planned that will be sure to promote class unity and school spirit, as stated on the FUSA website.

The Class of 2013 will have a “Half Way There Cruise,” in April, which takes place on a boat that sails along the New York City skyline.

For the juniors, the class council is planning a semi-formal Junior prom.

As for the senior class, the monthly mug nights will continue in addition to other exciting events. “Coming up in December we are giving out 2011 bandannas at the next men’s home basketball game. Then next semester we are planning a wine tasting, senior seminars, Class day and other events still in the works,” said Joe Mercadante, Class of 2011 Council.

Muniz acknowledges the FUSA programs as “amazing,” and “enjoys seeing the Programming Board when they realize the success of their events because they really put a lot of time and effort into make the event successful.  There is a lot of pressure from their peers to put on great events, and when they do, it is amazing!”

Hopefully the “Ringing in the New Year Bash” will draw as large of a crowd as Presidential Ball.

If you are looking to take a break from the usual drinking scene, look to see what FUSA has to offer.  Experience what others have experienced this school year thus far at FUSA events, so when Presidential Ball comes around next year, you will not hesitate to go.

Nolan suggests, “Take advantage and tear it up…they’re only so many chances to fiesta with father von Arx!”

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