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On the morning of October 25, Facebook statuses around the nation referred to Taylor Swift as a “lyrical wordsmith” and “country music revolutionist.”  People of all ages, guys and girls alike, bombarded stores, eager to get their hands on Taylor Swift’s new, highly anticipated album, “Speak Now.”

Selling over a million copies in the United States during the first week, “Speak Now” became the fastest selling album in the past five years.  To put this in perspective, Swift’s previous hit album “Fearless,” released in 2008, sold close to 600,000 copies in the first week.  It goes without saying that she is becoming more and more popular as time progresses.

So what exactly is it about Taylor Swift that makes her loved by people around the world?  Is it her impossible-to-mimic wavy hairstyle or her “small town girl” image?  The clear answer is that she speaks through meaningful lyrics in her music.

Unlike Lady GaGa, Taylor Swift writes about more than just wanting to “take a ride on a disco stick.”  She discusses a wide range of feelings and thoughts that ordinary people have, which include: guy problems, girl problems, stories of love, stories of revenge, shy teenagers going unnoticed, popular teenagers having it all, happiness, sadness and everything in between.  Because of the many approaches that Swift takes in writing her lyrics, she is able to cover just about every emotion that typical teenagers can relate to.  Everyone seems to find a certain memory or person that reminds them of each individual song.

Taylor Swift transformed the world of country music by adding flares of pop into her songs.  Country lovers favor lyrics that tell a story that builds throughout the song.  Pop lovers favor a catchy chorus and a beat that people can dance to.  So why not combine these two genres? Well, that’s exactly what Taylor Swift has done.

“Speak Now,” one of the most anticipated albums in 2010, is definitely living up to its expectations.  Exactly why were people so anxious for the release of this new album?  Released in 2006, her self-titled album caught on well among fans.  “Fearless” was and even bigger hit when released. However, she did not have nearly the number of fans in 2008 that she has today.

Since Swift was a relatively new artist at the time, thousands of fans ran to the store in the first week to purchase her album.

Throughout the following few years, more fans caught on to her music and fell in love with “Taylor Swift” and “Fearless.”  Therefore, when word spread that “Speak Now” was being released in October, there was an even greater amount of buzz in anticipation.

It has also been noted that many of the songs on “Speak Now” are about Swift’s past love interests.  For instance, many lyrics in “Dear John” have suggested that the song was written about her relationship with John Mayer.  It’s no wonder people were anxious to listen to her album! People want to hear about Swift’s true feelings about her love life, especially if they pertain to other celebrities.

The singles that were released off “Speak Now” beforehand attracted fans very effectively.  All of her singles, especially “Mine,” gave a good taste for what the album was to become.  By releasing singles in an orderly manner, the audience remained involved in her music and became even more excited for the album to be heard in its entirety.  So, when October 25 rolled around, instead of thousands of fans running to the store, millions of fans did.

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