You can’t just do that

You can’t just say those things and not expect

For emotional strings to get attached

Or maybe that was your intent all along

So that you could clasp on those strings

Tug on them

Pull on them

Pull on me

Any which way you please

Because you are the puppeteer

And I the puppet

It doesn’t matter what kind of puppet

Be it made of Ash, Oak

Redwood or Willow

So long as I am yours

To bend to your will

To succumb to your needs

To feed your desires

And when I refuse

To give you but a taste

You pull on those strings

That tug hard on my chest

As if to rip my heart out

And bleed

And cry

I see you with her

In the far off distance

A lowly puppet put on a shelf

I want to stand up

To walk up to you

To pull you away from her

The way you pull me

Away from everyone else

I want my hips to be what you touch

My ears to be what you whisper into

My neck that you kiss

My face that you look at

My eyes that you dare tell me

Those same words that you tell her

Those same words you should never

Have told me that made me into

your willing puppet

Trust Me

I am Yours

You can’t just do that

You can’t just say…

And now you have another puppet to play with.

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