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Lush space rock soundscapes tumble over Springsteen summer ballad nostalgia on cruise control. The War on Drugs has released a new track from their upcoming album “Lost in the Dream.” “Red Eyes” has all the makings of a 1980’s teen anthem and convincingly delivers that dream in a package of Cosmic Americana.

And yet, there is an anarchic freedom to the repetition, in the tradition of Kerouacian iconoclasm: a breathless overcoming and reclaiming of the American Dream. Getting on board the ride of this track feels like you can feel your high school dreams again, surging up through your steering wheel into your fingertips.

And I don’t even like Bruce, but I’m really digging this track. As it slowly and precisely expands into an epic power ballad drone, my heart syncs up to the drum beat, my eyes glaze and boil the backdrop into neons and I want to move my feet in some hybrid of a jig and a skank.

Pitchfork gave “Lost in the Dream” an 8.8 and if this track is just a taste, I can’t wait for what’s to come. The music video is also adorable and worth checking out.

I’ll warn you though: If you’re the type of person who will listen to a track on repeat until you can literally never listen to it again, maybe shy away. No, don’t. It’s spring and we need to feel things.

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