Quite possibly the most exciting thing about the new Lopez album was its release in the DualDisc format. The new format has a two-sided approach that helps combat piracy. One side of the disc has the normal CD contents. The other side, however, is the innovation that makes the product so exciting. It starts with a 5.1 Surround Sound mix of the same album. For audiophiles, this is a great step forward, and since it’s done in a normal DVD format, it can play on practically any DVD player, including the ones you already own. If you have a surround sound system, it makes it an even more enjoyable listening experience. In addition, bonus content is included on the DVD side, such as interviews and music videos. Even with the extras, the disc costs the same amount as any other CD, making it a no-brainer for music fans who want more. There is one caveat to be aware of. The CD side does not conform to normal CD standards, meaning that an occasional CD player will simply not be able to play it. Record companies are currently releasing versions of the album without the DualDisc extras for those whose players can’t read it. But for the majority who can play them successfully, it’s a cool alternative that gives a little something extra to the fans.

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