The highly praised acai shop, whose roots are tied to New Jersey, has finally made its way to Fairfield. Located conveniently on Unquowa Road, Playa Bowls is a great place to visit for a healthy and colorful meal.

At first glance, the restaurant’s calm and beachy vibe is very prominent; displayed through light blue chairs, wooden accents and window art on the outside seating area. Upon entering the shop, the extensive decor continues. The walls are wrapped in a vibrant blue wallpaper and a surfboard rests next to a menu written in a variety of colors.

The shop was mostly filled with people between the ages of 15-20, which I can assume is due to how “instagrammable” and “VSCO worthy” their products are. Although it seemed to be more popular among the younger crowd, the smoothies and bowls sold at Playa Bowls are perfect for people of all ages.

The menu lists all the different types of bowls they have, including acai, pitaya, green, coconut, chia pudding, banana, oatmeal and specialty bowls. All are made with a different base with the customer selecting which toppings they would like on top. For those who may have trouble deciding between bowls, there is the option of ordering a mixed bowl which consists of two different bases. A selection of smoothies and fresh juices are also listed on the menu with creative names like, “Mermaid Fuel” and “Endless Summer.” I decided to get the “Pacific” which is a green bowl with granola, strawberry, banana, almonds and chia seeds. I would definitely recommend this one!

As college students, it’s very unlikely that we are willing to drop a lot of money on one meal, so I am happy to report that the items sold at Playa Bowls are pretty budget friendly. Most of the bowls were around nine or 10 dollars, which is reasonable considering all of the food you are given. To make matters even better, this location also accepts StagBucks!

Overall, my friends and I loved our experience at Playa Bowls and will definitely return. We had high expectations and Playa Bowls certainly delivered. Their wide variety of options on the menu paired with their sensible pricing makes it a perfect place for Fairfield University students.

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