Public SafteyIn the University’s attempt to participate in the go green movement, the Department of Public Safety purchased a new Ford Escape Hybrid. Fairfield has only purchased one of these vehicles at the time, until they can determine if the results of the tests are positive.

“If the reports continue to come back positive, there is definitely a possibility of the University purchasing more of these vehicles,” said Todd Pelazza, the Director of Public Safety. “Thus far we have determined that the mileage on the hybrid is far superior.”

The Department is very conscience of the movement and purchased the new vehicle in hopes that it would reduce the carbon footprint of the University.

“Currently, we are testing to see how much of an affect the vehicle has on the environment,” said Pelazza. “We have already noticed a decrease in the gas output and an increase in the mileage.”

A hybrid vehicle is constructed to operate on two sources of power, gas and electricity. The first Explorer Hybrid was released in 2004. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, this hybrid proved to be 75 percent more fuel-efficient.

Fairfield has many clubs and organizations that are promoting awareness of the go green movement around campus.

“This is only one way that the University is saying that ‘we’re listening,’” said Pelazza.

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