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At the start of every school year, a new batch of freshmen begins their journey through everything there is to experience at Fairfield.  They bring with them their own unique backstories and talents.  The class of 2014 is no exception.  One new and lyrically-skilled addition to the Fairfield University student body is David Velasquez, rapper name: Duzzo Dave.  He has been experimenting, developing and recording lyrics for about six years and is now continuing to communicate his talent in the college frame.

Luigi DiMeglio: How did you start rapping? What made you start?

David Velasquez: My best friend was always rapping, and we basically started out free-styling and messing around with rhyming.

LD: Do you have any future plans with rapping? If so, what are they? How do they relate to Fairfield University?

DV: I’m thinking about putting a mix-tape out late April—for free too. I’m planning on doing open mics at Fairfield and other performances whenever I get the chance. I’m also looking to perform in local hip-hop showcases.

LD: Who is your inspiration?

DV: Lauryn Hill, Kanye West, and my boy Eduardo who got me into rapping.

LD: What is your favorite part about making music?

DV: My favorite part of making music is after you’ve written a verse and you get that exciting feeling because you know that it sounds awesome.

LD: What do you rap about?

DV: I rap about guns, drugs, and sex. LOL, nah, just kidding, but I do rap about girls, life experiences, and how I’m a whole lot better than a lot of rappers out right now.

LD: What do you think about fans? Have fans changed how you go about your life?

DV: The fans that I have are awesome; they’re always giving me [great] feedback. They’re part of the reason why I keep putting music out. Fans have been a big part of my music too because I do it for them.

LD: Who are your favorite rappers right now? Whose style is yours most like?

DV: Favorite rappers out now: Fabolous, Mac Miller, Wale, Big Sean and Wiz Khalifa. Style is mostly vibing music, feel good music, and lyricist rap.

LD: Have you had any contact with a record label?

DV: Yeah, man, Def Jam be blowin’ up my phone. Nah, I’m playing. I haven’t…not yet. Soon though!

LD: Has the transition from high school to Fairfield had any effect on your rapping?

DV: College has given me more time to focus on my music. Also, college has given me more opportunities to do a lot with my music, and I’ve had more experiences in college that I could rap about.

LD: How do you think your style has developed since you started rapping?

I think my flow has basically been the same. However, I think I’ve progressed in the way I deliver my verses and also I’m starting to sing a little more on tracks since I’m feeling a lot more comfortable when I record.

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