Long lines and fortunes awaited anyone who ventured into the first floor of the BCC Saturday night to visit the Psychic Fair.

There were four tables set up with a tarot card reader, angel card reader, palm reader and pendulum reader, as about 50 students visited for a look into the supernatural. The participants, however, were mostly surprised by the results.

“It really wasn’t what I thought it would be,” said Lou Janetty ’08, who had just finished a meeting with the tarot card reader. “It was more like just having a conversation with her than having my future predicted or something.”

The majority of the students were not there to get serious readings, but more to have fun with the whole thing.

“It was pretty fun actually,” said Tatiana Machado ’08, who was also there for the tarot card readings. “It turned out pretty good, but you really can’t take these things too seriously.”

The evening started off pretty slowly, and it appeared that the lure of the unknown wouldn’t draw people from their normal Saturday nights. After about half an hour things started to pick up when students coming from the cafeteria began to filter in to see what the commotion was about.

The biggest problem with the fair soon became long lines. It wasn’t so much the number of people, but the fact that the psychic readings were taking up to 20 minutes each.

At one point, students were actually dragging chairs into the cleared out area so that they could sit down and wait instead of having to stand. The longer lines meant that most students who attended did not get a chance to meet with all of the psychics before they left.

On top of the waits, it appeared as though the evening would have to be cut short when the WVOF 2nd Cup Coffeehouse Series began setting up for its performance, but the event go moved into the lounge and continued without too much of a problem.

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