Being that I’ve never been labeled as “taken” on Valentine’s Day, I’ve learned to look at Feb. 14 with a new perspective in hope of saving myself from a night of wallowing in bed, watching sappy romance movies and consuming an entire pint of Ben ‘ Jerry’s Half-Baked ice cream.

As a little kid, I always looked forward to Valentine’s Day. My parents always had small gifts and chocolates for me and part of the school day was devoted to exchanging Disney princess and Power Ranger Valentine’s Day cards.

At the age of eight, a day like that couldn’t possibly get better. But as I grew up, I realized that Valentine’s Day was a day targeted towards those who were romantically inclined. At school, you always knew when Valentine’s Day came around because the boys would walk in carrying bouquets of roses and heart-shaped containers of chocolates, while the girls came in too primped for it to be just another ordinary day of school.

It was then that I realized that Valentine’s Day worked in favor of women all around the world. Although I’m not “taken” this year, one day I will be (no snickering, please). When that day comes, Valentine’s Day will be like a second round of Christmas. There will be cards, roses, stuffed animals, chocolates, jewelry and dinner dates (maybe not all of those things, but some variation of the kind). A day like that sounds awesome. Why wouldn’t any girl look forward to a day that was designed to be all about her? Women don’t have to do a thing, but severely punish their men in the case that they forget such a sacred date.

So in the meantime ladies, celebrate Feb. 14 whether you have a boyfriend or not. If you have a boyfriend, you’ll be the girl around campus adorned with balloons, wearing that goofy smile that will only indicate one thing- love. All the other girls will shoot glares at you like daggers. If you’re one of the girls giving the evil stares, don’t be a cynic, celebrate anyway. Celebrate the fact that one day you’ll be that goofy girl with the balloons and treat yourself; buy heart-shaped chocolates, decorate your room or send yourself a beautiful bouquet of flowers like Jennifer Aniston in “Picture Perfect” (you’ll think of an excuse as to why you deserve it later). Who knows, maybe all your self-indulgence will catch the curious and jealous eyes of that boy you secretly admire.

So have some fun this year. Valentine’s Day is a holiday, so we should enjoy it, right? I know all of this might sound a little crazy but trust me, you’ll thank me later.

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