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Philip Seymour Hoffman: A life in film

The news of Oscar-winning actor Philip Seymour Hoffman’s sudden death rocked the nation, not only because of the shocking nature of his demise – heroin overdose, found cold with the needle in his arm – but also because the character actor seemed beyond all that triviality, wise beyond his years, a sage in the age of the Channing Tatums and Chris Hemsworths.
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Transforming books into art

Doug Beube rebels against one of the 20th century’s strongest taboos by sawing and slicing books into pieces, an act of destruction and transformation, turning literary relics into works of art.

Let’s talk about sex

Free condoms and red solo cups are probably the last things you’d expect to see in the Barone Campus Center on a Thursday afternoon.

Ethics of 3-D printing human meat

The dawn of the 3-D printing revolution is upon us; in the blink of an eye we’ll have the ability to produce one of the most sought-after resources known to man: human tissue. We will harvest organs, not through car crash fatalities, but through mechanical reproduction.

Freedom without justice

Imagine a concrete box called home, orange mystery slop meals, shuffling in chains until you forget how to walk without them, consistently being beaten sometimes to the point of urinating blood and denied sunlight until nearly blind.
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Café explores mind and body

Three students and two faculty members gathered to discuss the meaning of mind and body in Donnarumma Hall on Tuesday night. A little-known hub of intellectual discourse, Socrates Café is a meeting of the minds that convenes to tackle philosophical questions.
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Fairfield talks sex and the Catholic Church

“Is the church wrong about sex?” Fairfield students and community members gathered to explore this particular question in a forum on Oct. 16, with discussions on gay marriage and society’s perception of...

‘Walking Dead’ faces new threat

Our wayward band of rag-tag travelers have so far made it through the zombie apocalypse and its remaining malevolent human survivors, but how well will they stand up against their newest enemy, disease?

Teachers are not defined by sex industry past

You’d expect the story of a young woman crawling out of abject poverty and an exploitative dead-end career into a professional well-respected vocation to be heralded with praise. But this story does not end well. The woman, having spent years putting a dark past behind her, is once again punished and ultimately ridiculed — kicked back into the dirt from whence she came.