‘Breaking Bad’: unbroken, full circle [Spoiler Alert]

After five flawless seasons, what has been hailed as the most perfect show on television came to perhaps too perfect a conclusion Sunday night. “Breaking Bad” left no loose end untied, no justice undealt, and no questions unanswered. Compared to other epic series endings, (“The Sopranos,” “Lost”) it seemed to offer the audience the most satisfying and least mysterious conclusion.
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Military action will not save lives in Syria

Over the course of two years, civil war in Syria has reached a boiling point under our noses, but it has taken the photographed bloodless bodies of children to open the eyes of our government. A humanitarian crisis all but ignored by the international community is now the nexus of global debate.

‘Boardwalk Empire’ back with a bang

HBO’s Boardwalk Empire returned for it’s fourth season Sunday night, living up to its reputation of violence, booze and debauchery. Although down about half a million viewers with 2.4 million as opposed to the 2.9 million viewers from the season three premiere, this may be attributed to the opening night for the NFL, and not a decrease in the quality of this riveting drama.

Reunion weekend draws a record number

The threat of torrential rain couldn’t stop a record number of alumni from pouring onto campus this weekend for Fairfield's annual Reunion Weekend. More than 1700 Stags, young and old, celebrated their time spent at Fairfield, according to Julie Tuozzoli '85 and director of Alumni Services.
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Policing social media

Recent high profile cases in Steubenville, Ohio and Torrington, Conn. have brought to light the potential that social media has to destroy the life of another human being. In both cases, convictions were driven by content posted on Twitter or Facebook with malicious intent.
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… Really? Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber, king of tween-pop, is worshipped by millions of adolescent girls. Anne Frank, however, is not one of them. In a recent visit to the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, the suspected castrato wrote in...
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“Light It Up Blue” for Autism Awareness

A decade ago, autism was a dirty word. Little was known about what caused the disorder and few were willing to come forward and share their stories. No one could have imagined that two grandparents from...
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… Really? Gucci Mane

An arrest warrant is out for Gucci Mane on charges of smashing a champagne bottle over a fan’s head, resulting in hospitalization. While far from surprising - the rapper’s legal history includes everything...

“Girls” need to be saved

SPOILER ALERT A shirtless Adam Driver sprinting down the streets of Brooklyn like a cracked-out Adonis was not enough to save the season finale of HBO’s “Girls” last night. And gosh darn, those...