Making (sound)waves in hip-hop music

These Stags don’t dread Mondays. When night falls and the lower level BCC is quiet, a dim glass cube in the WVOF studio buzzes with Jess Mendes ‘14, Taylor Webb ’14 and David “Duzzo” Velasquez ‘14’s pursuit of a different kind of radio program.

‘Lego’ is a perfect throwback from reality

The song that establishes a montage of day-to-day life in an amazing Lego metropolis is “Everything is awesome!” As a 6-foot-2-inch 21-year-old college senior, I found myself singing those lyrics after I saw “The Lego Movie.” Flip Cup is great, but is anyone else willing to build something with Legos this long weekend? Judge all you want, this might be the best animated film I’ve seen since “Finding Nemo.”

His Cocktail, His Beer

While recent events have led many to believe Fairfield requires an increase in security, it should not be done at the risk of invading students’ privacy. While I have undoubtedly paid my fair share of common area fines, I have never been required to live in a building or a house with Big Brother as Fairfield is subjecting students to today.

Accused student pleads ‘not guilty’

The former Fairfield sophomore who turned himself in to Fairfield Police over winter break was arraigned in Bridgeport Superior Court on Tuesday. Police said he told his friends that he had sexually assaulted a female freshman.
Luigi DiMeglio/The Mirror

Faculty maximizes National Day on Writing

This week, the English department is again revving up their celebration of the National Day on Writing. The specific day of writing – created in 2009 via a Congressional resolution - was this past Sunday, October 19, however, related events on campus have been scheduled through Thursday.
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His Cocktail, His Beer

I’ll have a Flaming Doctor Pepper (three parts Amaretto and one part Bacardi 151 in a shot glass, set aflame and dropped in a beer and chugged). In a zombie apocalypse, defending Townhouses 12 block is not easy, but we’re used to mobs of drunken underclassmen trying to invade our home every weekend, so we’re prepared.
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We must fight for democracy at home

Today we debate a crisis in Syria – a crisis of people oppressed by their government. That government, like all in civilized and uncivilized history, has probably justified its questionable practices with the all-too-popular concept of ‘protection.’