Your New Go-To Meal: Pasta with a twist

Spaghetti and tomato sauce: a common go-to for the average college student. Every once in a while we decide to mix it up with some vodka or fettuccini sauce, but even with these alternatives, the meal gets a...
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Chickpea-Cauliflower Stew

This recipe contains a plethora of heart-healthy, organic ingredients. I was inspired to create this stew from the website For the foodies out there who love to explore recipes online,...
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How To Make Stuffed Peppers

The cold weather is here and cooking at home is crucial. Staying in and making dinner at the townhouse is something to start getting used to because the cold weather will keep you in. This was the...
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How To Make Catalan Flat Bread

Studying abroad last Spring was one of the best experiences of my life. I was in Barcelona for four invigorating months; learning, traveling, eating and experiencing one of the richest cultures in...
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Engaging the Butt

Tour guide supervisor and Fairfield University alumni Ally Montany explained to the group ambassadors that “engaging the butt” or allowing the visitors to sit down during the touring process will change their perspective leading them to re-focus their attention on you
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Chicken Sausage Buckwheat Stir-Fry

Since I grew up in an extremely health-cautious household, I have always been prone to shopping for organic foods. When I shop in a grocery store, I read the labels, searching for the shortest list of...