Best Bites: Paci

Paci’s architecture and ambiance was the brilliant vision of Italian owner, Bob Patchen. A massive clock is powerfully projected on the wall parallel to the mezzanine level dining area. Eighteen years ago, Paci was the Southport Train Station depot; Patchen bought the building and took out the second floor to open up the space.

Best Bites: Bonda

With a very minimalist, luxurious atmosphere, Bonda is the perfect spot for an upscale weekday date. The friendly staff greets you as if you are a guest in their own home. The décor is classy and modern, which lends itself to the clean-cut feel of the restaurant.

Best Bites: The Gray Goose

Right around the corner from Southport Center, across from the Delamar Hotel, is The Gray Goose. Under the same ownership as Westport’s Spotted Horse and Fairfield’s The Chelsea, this environment has a similar comfortable ambiance.
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Best Bites: Bodega Taco Bar

In the plaza across from Chef’s Table in Fairfield Center is a small taco bar known as Bodega. The environment appears to be urban and hipster and is solidified by the trendy soundtrack. Their guacamole is on par with some of the best I have had in my life.

Best Bites: 55 Wine Bar

Right near the Fairfield Train Station is 55 Wine Bar. Their wines by the glass are quite good and pair well with their Mediterranean cuisine. They have a country club-like atmosphere with high ceilings that make it perfect for an upscale date night. In the warmer seasons, outdoor seating is available. Although the inside is so elegant you will most likely want to dine indoors.
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Best Bites: Spotted Horse

The Spotted Horse is right around the corner from the center of Westport. The bright orange awnings are the only aspect preventing one from mistaking it for a house. The interior resembles a barn with wood, playing a major role in its décor. It has a cozy atmosphere and the staff is warm and inviting to match.

Best Bites: Post 154

Before 154 Post Road East morphed into a restaurant called Post 154, it was Westport’s historical post office. Now newly renovated, the atmosphere of Post 154 is one of the classiest in town. In the evenings there is a valet service that is particularly convenient and adds to the upscale ambiance.

Best Bites: Tarry Lodge

Located just off the Saugatuck River in Westport is your destination for excellent Italian-inspired cuisine. The environment is casual while the menu is on the formal side. As a Mario Batali partnership, you can imagine the quality of the dishes. The pizza makers are especially talented. Their oven heats up to over 700 degrees, causing their perfect pizzas to cook in just 90 seconds. If you have been to Italy, your palate will not be able to decipher pizza from here or from San Gimignano.