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If you love money so much, date it

Love is something that almost all of us strive for. Even people our age who are not necessarily focused on it right now know that love is something that will eventually be something they address as they get...
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America’s future: a dystopia

Media has the tendency to saturate trends when something popular hits the scene. “Twilight” turned vampires, formerly creepy mythological creatures you would see in a C-list horror flick or in a “Scooby...

Attacking ‘privilege’ reifies differences

I believe that when one group is oppressed, another is granted “privilege” in the fact that they enjoy conditions and statuses that another group cannot achieve. It is an unfortunate side effect of our society; you can blame it on capitalism, racism, societal norms or anything else, really.
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NCAA: Fairfield GSR highest in MAAC

The National Collegiate Athletic Association has recently declared Fairfield University as the 12th highest Graduation Success Rate amongst student athletes in the nation. Additionally, Fairfield has the highest GSR of all 11 Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference colleges and universities.

New start-up reinvents the wheel

The transportation industry is receiving a possible new asset to its arsenal. A San Franciscan science team has crafted a new and relatively inexpensive invention called the FlyKly Smart Wheel. It is a rear bicycle wheel with the motor, battery, and electronics within secure housing in the center of it. It costs about $600 and can be ordered in any custom size or color that best suits one’s bicycle. One can reach up to 20 mph for a 30 miles range and it weighs 9 lbs.

Science killed my dream of chilling with dinos

Disaster has struck. The world is ending. Or at least, it might as well be, now that we are never going to be able to clone dinosaurs ever. If you listened closely last week, you may have been able to hear the slow, guttural noises of science fiction fans everywhere dying inside, though that may have just been me exuding extra amounts of misery.
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Chocopocolypse nigh! Price of cocoa too damn high

Forget global warming; disaster looms as the world’s reserve of cocoa beans is shrinking, and in turn, our share of precious chocolate. Speculation pegs that chocolate prices will reach record highs, up to a 45 percent increase from 2007.
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Fall 2013 concert will host two EDM artists

On Sept. 19, the Fairfield University Student Association announced Bingo Players as the main attraction for its Fall Concert. Bassjackers will open for Bingo Players at the Oct. 19 concert. Tickets are $25 for students and $40 for guests. A new addition this year is that admission is 18 and over for guests, but all Fairfield students are welcome.