For Fairfield’s 75th anniversary, The Mirror is bringing back one of it’s most iconic features: Boo’s and Cheer’s. Boo’s and Cheer’s is a section in the paper where you can anonymously submit tips about the things you’re happy about and the things you’re unhappy about. It’s a place where your inside jokes get published but only your group of friends understands what that means. Better watch out next time you decide to cry and tell you Uber driver your entire life story… you never know if you’ll end up in Boo’s and Cheers!

We know that’s kind of confusing so here’s some examples of things that you’d submit:

“Cheers to Barone having chicken nuggets three times this week.”

“Cheers to Professor Neal for letting us out early this week.”

“Boo to getting carded again this week at Flip’s happy hour. We’ve been going every Friday for three months.”

“Boo to  DPS for ticketing my car twice in one night.”

So, if you want to call out your friend who cried in the Uber without saying names, now is your chance! Since we’re doing this super old-fashioned, drop off your joke to our box in front of The Mirror office or to our mailbox, AA. Or text us at 860-682-3354.




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