With the end of Halloween and the start of sweater weather, temperatures outside have reached those dreaded winter-lows. So how does one salvage the sweet feeling of summertime? Two words: ice cream. The town of Fairfield has numerous options for students to adventure off campus and re-visit those summertime ice cream flavors with the newest addition to the long list being The Freezing Moo.

The Freezing Moo opened on July 2 and many Stags are still unaware of this hidden gem due to the fact that it opened over the summer. The Freezing Moo features Thai fried ice cream rolls — in other words, the cool kind of ice cream that they roll up and everyone puts on their Snapchat stories.

The Freezing Moo has 18 flavors, in addition to two seasonal ones (the fall flavors are Pumpkin Spice and Apple Cinnamon). On my venture to the Freezing Moo, I ordered the Cookie Monster, which is essentially vanilla ice cream with oreo pieces. The employees start off by pouring milk over an iced grill, where they then smooth it and roll it into three rolls. You then have the option to choose three out of 38 different toppings to add to your dessert.

I would give the Freezing Moo a 9/10 for experience and a 5/10 for actual taste and quality of the ice cream. If one is looking for a fun night out and doesn’t want to waste $10 on ice cream at Milkcraft, then the Freezing Moo’s $5.94 ice cream option is a great alternative. However, the taste of the ice cream is not nearly up to par with the rest of Fairfield’s ice cream locations.

A unique quality about the Freezing Moo, which is especially great to know about if you’re on the board of a club or organization, is that the Freezing Moo caters. With a minimum of 20 orders, the Freezing Moo will bring their aesthetically pleasing and fun-filled flavors right to your residence hall. With finals season right around the corner, this is a great option to keep in mind. Just form a group of 20 people and order ice cream for a perfect study break snack.

Don’t let those wintertime blues get you down — the Freezing Moo will be sure to raise your spirits through an entertaining night of choosing your flavor, watching your ice cream being made, selecting three toppings and adding that perfect Snapchat photo to your story that will be sure to have other Stags jealous of your night out on the town.

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