If great burgers served with freshly sliced lettuce and tomatoes on a warm, toasted bun are your weakness, then Plan B Burger Bar is the best place for you.

When I go to a restaurant, I consider all options, but the overall decision comes down to which has the most reasonable prices for the highest quality cuisine. 

This week we discovered the new burger joint in town. Equipped with a large menu, the selections were endless with 17 killer appetizers and 20 distinct burger creations.

But if you aren’t burger savvy, there are 11 different soups and salads with house-made dressings and seven delectable entrée options. Plus, there are over 12 sides to choose from including the favorites, truffle and parmesan fries, and a massive selection of wine, cocktails and beer.    

Plan B Burger Bar, an American beef, burger, bourbon and beer establishment, prides itself on their slogan, “Good Booze, Great Burgers.” It came to the Fairfield dining community in late July of this summer.

This upscale restaurant brings a new energy to Fairfield and is just a short walk from the Fairfield University Downtown Bookstore.   

Upon entry, we were deceived by a small front door which opened to an undecorated hallway.  “This place must be new,” we thought.

But as we reached the hostess’ station, our first impression of the atmosphere took a 180-degree turn. 

A large bright room intersected an upbeat bar on one half and featured an open family-style restaurant on the other.

And, talk about crowded! On one side, coworkers gathered for a drink, young individuals conversed over dinner for two and families filled the red booths and tables ready for platefuls of food.

Customers also have the option of outdoor seating before the weather starts to change. This place is ideal for large gatherings of friends and family.    

The updated rustic decor added to the American beef house theme with Maker’s Mark bourbon bottles illuminating and encasing the walls around the room with the signature red-waxed tips facing outwards. To pair with the signature bottle design, the room also had red leather seats and a huge, glowing, orange-red MEAT sign on the wall.

We waited for a short while in the foyer of the former post office building and received a text message when it was our turn to be seated. The waitress then immediately served us Pickle Chips (sliced pickles) as a courtesy item for the table upon our arrival.

We proceeded to order the delicious American Nachos (crisp house-made potato chips, layered with chili, red onions, tomatoes, jalapeños and American cheese), and lobster sliders (fresh mini lobster rolls) from the appetizer list. When I say to die for, the warm, melted cheese on those nachos was to die for.

For the main course, I chose “The Pretzel,” a cheeseburger with cheddar cheese, lettuce and pickles on a pretzel bun. That first bite of the freshly baked pretzel bun was so sweet and rich, contrasting unbelievably with the sour pickles. Each and every in-house ground burger is the product of antibiotic and hormone-free meat.

My friends went with “The Bacon Cheese” (American cheese, bacon, caramelized onions and mayo on a burger), “The Philisteak” (a burger topped with sliced steak and garlic mayo) and the “California Cobb” (a salad comprised of romaine, tomatoes, avocado, boiled egg, chicken, bacon, blue cheese and truffle ranch). 

Make no mistake, everyone also ordered either the parmesan or truffle fries that were indeed beyond words, though I would recommend the truffles fries as they added interesting twist to my meal and had to be the absolute best fries I have had in years.              

When ordering a burger, the waiter or waitress will ask for your preference, “A little pink or no pink?” Unless you like yours dark, go for the pink if you are looking for that succulent, juicy beef patty grilled to perfection.

After the meal you will receive a follow up text from the staff showing their gratitude for your dining with them, a touch that keeps the customer satisfied with their hosts.     

“It’s really one of the best restaurants in town,” said Liz McGurn ‘18. “The prices are great and it’s honestly the best choice if you are a starving college student.” 

Plan B Burger Bar is the right place to go to crush your hunger, especially if you have a rather large appetite. I give Plan B Burger Bar a 4.5 star rating out of 5 because of their great service, enjoyable atmosphere and overwhelmingly delicious food.      

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