Halloween is the perfect holiday for creativity, because you can pick whatever or whoever you want to be and really put your own flare to it. I love Halloween because I think that dressing up once a year in a costume is super enjoyable and something that you can celebrate with friends. Whether you like to keep it traditional or go completely out of the box, here are some Halloween looks that you can’t go wrong with:


A group costume is one of my favorite options because you get to dress up with all of your friends. Group costumes can include everyone wearing the same thing and can really be done with any costume, like a group of “fraternity brothers,” or be a group like the Spice Girls and each channel your inner girl group member.


Aliens are a popular choice over the last few years, probably because of all the fun that you can have with makeup. While the costumes can be really different with their galaxy patterns, a lot of girls like the fact that they can use crazy eyeshadows and daring lip colors that they would not wear if they were being something more traditional.


Unicorns are another popular costume and I think there is something definitely majestic about them. For unicorns, the makeup opportunities are endless, especially when it comes to the amount of pink eyeshadow, lipgloss and glitter you can include. Unicorn costumes are also fairly easy to make yourself, because once you have the unicorn horn, you pretty much only need an all white outfit. You can wear a dress, or maybe a white top and white pants, a white skirt or really anything white you can think of.


Animals of any kind have a reputation of being a little overplayed, but there will still always be cats and bunnies at every Halloween party. My advice would be that if you are going to be an animal, try spicing it up with some cool accessories and makeup, not just throwing on the ears. For example, singer Madison Beer channeled her inner leopard last Halloween and her style touches, specifically her makeup and leopard jacket really brought the look together.


Occupations again are another classic. Nurses, police officers and firefighters are the ones most commonly seen, and are a great choice for those who love to go for classic options. While they do not offer a lot of room for crazy makeup and galaxy leggings, who wouldn’t love to pretend to be a crime fighting cop or a heroic firefighter?


Celebrities can be tricky, because sometimes it’s hard to get across who you are portraying, since, for the most part, celebrities dress just like us. However, you can make a great celebrity costume by targeting something iconic about that celebrity. For example, if you’re dressing up as Britney Spears, it might be helpful to dress up in one of her famous outfits, like from her “Oops! I Did it Again” music video.


Athletes, specifically boxers, are some of the costumes I think are really cute, but also super easy. Most people have an old jersey lying around and so being an athlete like a football, baseball or basketball player can most definitely be a money saver for those who do not want to spend a ton of money on a costume for one night.


Skeleton costumes give one the ability to be comfortable. I have seen many skeleton jumpsuits and long sleeve shirts, and so if you like to be comfortable in a costume, I would definitely recommend a skeleton. Party City has a large selection of reasonably priced skeleton costumes and they do get into the scary spirit of Halloween while still allowing you to look cute. A lot of people forget about the scary and only focus on looking fashionable, and a skeleton gives you the opportunity to stick to the roots of what Halloween is about and still look good.


Wonder Woman is a great costume idea since the movie just came out this past year. Wonder Woman costumes are hard to DIY, but the costume will never be more popular than it is now. I’d say that the costume will be a big hit this Halloween.


Something witty and creative goes a long way. People appreciate a funny costume that is not concerned about looking the most fashionable. For example, I once saw someone dressed up as Twitter, wearing an all blue outfit, blue lipstick and a blue wig, with the words “Twitter” written on their top. Another one of my favorites was a girl dressed wearing a pig nose, with a blanket wrapped around her — a pig in a blanket. These kinds of costumes give a good laugh and will be a big hit at any party.

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