Christmas is just around the corner, and at Fairfield, this means that Midnight Breakfast is almost here! Midnight Breakfast is such an amazing Fairfield tradition, and it really gets everyone in the Christmas spirit and helps to alleviate some of the finals week stress. One important question people ask about Midnight Breakfast is what to wear, and in my opinion, you really cannot go wrong, as long as your look screams Christmas. However, there are some looks that I personally love for Midnight Breakfast, and they apply for both guys and girls:

Christmas onesies: not being biased because I wore a Christmas onesie last year to Midnight Breakfast, but I do think that they are so fun and cute, and get you into the spirit of childhood, which I feel is a big part of what Christmas is all about. Another great thing about onesies is that they are super warm, and that walk to the event in mid-December can get very cold. It is important to know that what to wear is not something that should be stressed about like when going to an interview, it should just be something fun and jovial.

Christmas sweaters (both ugly and not ugly): so with Christmas sweaters, there are two routes you can take. Some people opt to wear cute Christmas sweaters that could actually be worn as an outfit, however other people will definitely opt for an ugly Christmas sweater. My roommate has made a tradition of ugly Christmas sweaters, freshman year opting for a sweater with an image of a sloth hanging on Christmas lights, and last year wearing a sweater with Will Smith’s face on the front wearing a Santa hat. Her mantra for the night was “Merry Will Smithmas,” and I have to say it was a big hit.

Christmas pajamas are another way to go. Christmas pajamas are comfortable and so easy to wear, and most people may even have a pair of Christmas pajamas and do not need to go out and make a purchase.

Accessories are important. Throw on a Santa hat or some reindeer ears, because they will really add flavor to your outfit. In past years, I have seen people bring jingle bells, wear red noses for Rudolph, come in various hats whether they be Santa hats, elf hats or reindeer ears. Accessories are overall a great addition that adds to the Christmas excitement, and you can usually find accessories like these at a local CVS or Stop and Shop.

Sticking to the classics may also be a good idea. If you are someone that maybe is not quite as festive, or really just does not want to go out and buy an outfit for a one night event that lasts an hour, you may just want to stick to the classic Christmas colors. Wear a green sweater or a red sweater. Wear a white sweater with a red scrunchie or a pair of red or green jeans. It makes total sense to utilize what you already have because chances are that almost everyone already has something that is either red, white or green colored. And if you do opt for this choice, you can always use accessories to liven up the look, for example Christmas colored beads go for about $0.99 at Party City, or any of the other accessories mentioned before.

As always, just have fun and wear something that you are comfortable with!

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