On Sept. 8, lives were changed. Thomas Rhett’s long awaited album, “Life Changes,” finally made its debut. Although the dad of two young girls has made him super busy, he could not forget about his fans.

Once the album dropped on Spotify, it was downloaded on my phone and has been on repeat ever since (sorry to my roommates). Each track offers something different, whether it be a story or a mood that goes along with it.

The title track details all the different changes in Rhett’s life, from adopting his daughter, Willa Gray, from Uganda to his wife, Lauren Akins, becoming pregnant with their new baby girl, Ada James. In this track, he even mentions his rise to fame when his single, “Die A Happy Man,” exposed the fairy tale between him and his long time sweetheart and propelled his singing career.

Of course, many of his tracks feature the famous love story between him and his wife.

In his track, “Marry Me,” we can hear the heartbreak in his voice as he went through a time where he thought he would lose Lauren to another man. However, his fans know this is not the end of their romance. “Sweetheart” and “When You Look Like That” both capture the beauty of his wife through his eyes. Now, you may think this love is the only thing Rhett sings about, but when you have a love like that how can you blame him?

If you’re looking for something more upbeat, try dancing around to “Renegades” or “Smooth Like The Summer.” These songs will give you that feel good vibe you’ve been looking for.

Even though summer is over, I can’t help but close my eyes and think of sitting on the beach when listening to “Drink A Little Beer.” It’s also the perfect darty song when you want to crack open a cold one. What makes it even better is that Rhett has his father, Thomas Rhett Akins, Sr. (Rhett Akins) on the track with him. Rhett Akins is known for his songwriting for numerous chart toppers, such as Dustin Lynch’s “Small Town Boy,” Blake Shelton’s “Honey Bee,” Luke Bryan’s “I Don’t Want This Night To End” and many more, according to variety.com.

The best part is that we had the opportunity to watch Thomas Rhett go through some of these big changes in his life through his and his wife’s activity on social media and he did not disappoint when he put his stories to music. Thanks for sharing your life with us, TR and Lauren; we can’t wait to see Willa Gray and Ada James all grown up.

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