To the long line at Einstein’s… to the people who thought it was funny to wear their Giants clothing on our (Patriots) big day… to the Falcons blowing a huge lead in the Super Bowl… to LF to providing the worst customer experience… to the fact I ever have to leave my bed… to all the Patriots fans… to chipping my tooth at a party and having to get back to the dentist… for the third Friday in a row… to drinking my body weight in alcohol Wednesday through Saturday… to my boss “passing away this weekend”…  to Iman, the hacker of our website… to Goodell… to the snake in our friend group… to getting a B+ on a project I stayed up all night doing… to the 12 internships that I applied to that haven’t gotten back to me… to professors who don’t realize that I have my own life and would rather be watching the Real Housewives than reading for an irrelevant core class… to the people who don’t hold the door open to your building… to friends who always relate your problems back to themselves; if I wanted to hear about your life I would refer to your pathetic Twitter… to the girls wearing a full face of makeup at 8 a.m… to waking up with a stranger in your room… to people who ask to copy my notes but then talk crap about me behind my back… to the boy who says he wants to hook up but ignores you all the time… to the Stag meal exchange only being on weekdays from 1-4… to people who leave their laundry in the machine after it’s done… to having your last final on the last day of finals… to Oak Room dinners… to the people who don’t wipe the treadmills down…



To living on the beach… to the Pats winning the Super Bowl… to dance fusion for coming in second and beating SHU at their first competition of the season… to the Fairfield Ice Hockey Team… to Donut Crazy… to beer… to Julian Edelman and the helmet catch 2K17… to pigs in a blanket… to Gisele Bündchen… to all the Patriots fans… to the GOAT… to the leftover buff chicken dip in my fridge… to Kelly putting 20 dollars into the machine at the casino and betting it all and losing, accidently… to the copy editor for going undefeated with me, giving me a shirt, letting me crash at her townhouse and overall for just getting me through the night… to my managing editor who gives great hugs and looks dope with or without red lipstick… to Eduardo for being the man when we go to Barone… to JDR for walking me home Friday night… to the snow coming in on Thursday and hopefully canceling classes… to the ones who hold the door open for you while looking you dead in the eyes, I like your style… to professors that cancel on days when I need a snowmobile to travel to class, even when the school stays open… to friends who respond to your heated text messages with a response of equal length or longer, you’re the real trues… to professors who let me bring my laptop to class. I can online shop and still get an A #breakthestigma… to the gen bio test being easy af… to friends who make random trips to Flipside… to friends who walk up the stairs together even though they are sore from the gym… to the associate program director of FUSA for turning 22…


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