Let’s admit it: being away at school, with all of the Barone food and happy hour opportunities, we put on a few pounds. Now, being home for the summer (for bathing suit season, nonetheless) we are trying to detox and whip ourselves back into shape.  Check out these ways to easily stay fit and healthy this summer.

Just keep swimming. While you’re lying out by the pool, set some time aside to actually jump into it. Do some laps and get your body moving; you’ll be surprised with the results of the full body cardio.

Take your dog on a hike. Love your pup? Find a local trail and take them with you; exercise for the both of you!

Walk everywhere. If you’re going to a friend’s house or coming home from the bar, take advantage of the warm weather and get moving.

Get moving on the beach. Whether you take a brisk stroll along the water with your mom, or set up volleyball with your friends, moving around in the sand gives you an extra calorie burn.

Challenge your friends! Download some fitness apps where you can connect with other users or make a contest out of who can take the most Fitbit steps per day. Making your workouts into a game means that you won’t even realize that you’re exercising.

Eat fresh. The summer is the best time for many fruits and vegetables, so stay clean. Grill chicken, pile on the veggies and watch your body slim down.

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