Year: Senior

Major: Communications

Minor: Marketing

Fun fact: My friends and family like to take me on day trips just to see what will happen to me

Where are you from?: Boston, Mass.

Favorite place to get a burger: Burtons

Best coffee shop: Dunkin’ Donuts

Einstein’s order: Sesame with cream cheese

Funniest joke: Sometimes I tuck my knees into my chest and lean forward. That’s just how I roll.

Favorite band: A Rubber band

Favorite sports team: All Boston teams

Best concert you’ve been to? Couldn’t tell you, I worked them all.

Pet peeves:  People not using the correct kind of insect repellent

What is your favorite club that you are in and why?

I have a confession; improv is my favorite club on campus. Not only does it allow for you to express yourself in a very creative, comical way, but it allows for a certain thrill to stimulate your brain because you never know what’s going to happen next. Besides, there is nothing better than jumping into a random scene and taking the plot to an entirely new comical dimension.

Funniest skit you’ve performed in improv?

The funniest skit I ever performed in was during Fall Welcome, where the entire skit was teaching people the various ways to ‘successfully’ ride the Stag statue, but every time the people changed within the scene, so did the method of riding the Stag.

What is the funniest memory that you have or story that you have heard at Fairfield?

Sophomore year we were required to go on a retreat. Living in Loyola at the time, there were numerous stories being passed around that the retreat residence was haunted. So a couple friends and myself decided to bring some of the stories to life. At the retreat, I hid under a bed and rocked a rocking chair back and forth, while my friends played up the incident in the hallway. Still squeezed under the bed, I remained rocking the chair. Peers started to freak out while some thought that they would be tough and enter the room and looked around. Unfortunately for them, even after coming in the room and looking around, they could not find me. So naturally, everyone began freaking out including the adults on the trip. While my friends and I slept like babies that night, everyone else flipped over their rocking chairs and slept in the same room as if they were stuffed animals in a claw machine. The entire building at the time believed this story until the last time we all met at the end of the sophomore year, where I announced that I was the ghost of room 325.

If you could have any job in the world, what would you do?

I would be a micro expressions analyst.

What Fairfield tradition will you miss the most when you graduate?

It’s hard to pick one tradition. I know that I will miss going with all my friends to all the major events that the school puts on. Oh, and riding the stag.

How many comments did you get — or do you still get — about your Boston accent when you first came to Fairfield?

Every day someone comments on my accent. Let’s just say I have said “park the car in Harvard yard” more times than I have physically parked my car there.

Who is your favorite professor?

Dr. Eliasoph

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