Year: Sophomore

Major: Film

Minors: Music, Management

Fun fact: Under additional skills on my résumé, it says crowd surfing.

Where are you from: Long Beach, N.Y.

Favorite movie genre: Psychological thriller

Drink order: I only drink milk, juice or iced tea. I don’t like water; it has no flavor.

Favorite candy: Laffy Taffy

Favorite album: “Folie à Deux” by Fall Out Boy

Pet peeves: I hate people who wear sweaters around their necks.

What is your favorite role that you have on campus? Explain.

I have four jobs on campus. I am a photographer for the school, an assistant to the Visual and Performing Arts Department, a building manager at Xavier and the assistant music director at WVOF Radio 88.5, where I teach the freshmen how to use the radio as well as do other stuff for the music department there. I am [also] the head of “Fresh Meat,” which teaches the freshmen how to use [equipment in] StagsTV. I am [into] jujitsu, boxing and I take self defense. I was formally in running club until [I] had no more time for that. I am marketing manager for film club; I started an underground movie club called Loyola Movie Naps. I am currently producing and directing a movie. I have produced two movies [and] have directed two movies [so far]. I also am a personal hair-dyer for the residents of Loyola. My favorite position [however] is a tie between WVOF and taking pictures.

What is your favorite film that you have done or worked on so far?

I have different favorite films for different reasons. The first movie that I ever worked on at Fairfield was a movie called “Overload.” I had a small role in it, but I was an undeclared major and it made me [want to become] a film major. My favorite movie I have made on my own was a movie called “Resistance.” It was a movie about my boxing and jujitsu instructors. It was the first movie I made and the fact that it got into film festivals was really cool. It made me feel like I definitely picked the right major and it was just very significant to me. Also, the first movie I ever produced was a horror movie called “Memory Black.” I never knew I could do so much work. I just became a film major that semester and one of my senior friends asked me to produce their capstone and I did it with no problems except a stolen table, which I solved eventually.

Talk about your experience at Fairfield Fit Club?

My favorite movie is “Fight Club,” so I decided that I should try boxing club, which I did. I have always thought it was very important to know self defense and be able to fight if you were in a sticky situation. I’ve always been interested in fighting. I just have always wanted to learn how to fight. My grandfather was a boxer and I’ve always wanted to box. Me and my father used to bond over watching boxing and I have just always been into it. I don’t see it as something violent; I see it as something very artistic.

What is your favorite memory that you have or story that you have heard at Fairfield?

Definitely my first Cinefest. It was really cool seeing all the movies I worked on, put together in one big festival [and] it was really cool to see everyone’s work done. I cameoed in so many of the movies. I was just like, “Mom that’s me, that’s me.”

What is your biggest aspiration in life?

My biggest aspiration in life is to one day have people remember my name. I want a legacy.

What is your favorite class taken at Fairfield?

FTM 10 and Intro to Film with [Dr. David Lerner]. It was more the professor than it was the class; Dr. Lerner is the best professor I have ever had. He’s made me appreciate movies in a different way.

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