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So, cold weather can get pretty harsh here. However, the second I catch that first chill of the season, I indulge in it.

Finally the hot murky weather is gone and I can proudly fall victim to the fall clichés.  My mornings always come with a side of hot caffeine. Whether it’s pumpkin spice, chai tea or even hot chocolate, autumn is my excuse to yield to every lusciously warm and sweet drink  possible. It’s as natural as having ice cream on a hot August day.

The cold also reveals another necessity I might as well call an obsession: boots. From Uggs to Timberlands, everyone’s got something they’re ready to strut in. Why not?

While sneakers are just as comfy, they’re not always as convenient. Remember, this isn’t exactly the kindest of all seasons: unfriendly showers, howling winds; the last thing I want are soggy sneakers and cold toes.

Then there are the outfits themselves. Let me just say that I cannot do the bulky coats, even if we’re in the middle of winter.

I’ll layer up with sweaters, scarves, gloves and then my pea-coat instead. Now, sometimes sweats are good enough to keep warm, however, even the coldest and crummiest of days are no excuse for everyday reliance on them, in my book.

Last requirement for fall are leggings; an interesting and odd fad because many girls can’t deny ever having worn leggings on some freezing day.

Fall usually brings out those gorgeous winter-cotton dresses. However, when blistery winds start penetrating my leggings and smacking every inch of my skin, I’ll pass. Other than that, as long as I feel great in what I wear and ready to tackle the cold, then the last thing I’ll need is my morning coffee and I’m good to go.


His Beer – Patrick Kiernan

Well, say goodbye to the sundresses and shorts that so many guys love seeing on ladies during the fall. Time to pack away the seasonal Vineyard Vines apparel and break out the winter whale clothing. Not to fear though, because yoga pants are just around the corner! Yes, the lovely combination of North Face/Patagonia jacket, yoga pants, and Uggs is about to come into full swing.And let’s not forget about the cup of Starbucks coffee always in hand.

Personally, I’m all for the yoga pants or sweatpants as daily apparel because ladies probably find it beyond comfortable. Who would want to wear real pants that just stick to your skin and don’t provide you with enough warmth when cold weather hits? So, yoga pants and sweats are the way to go for the girls during the winter. Occasionally, expect ladies to actually dress up with a pair of jeans or colored pants. I assume that the girls do this at least once weekly to assure guys that they are not 1. off the market, or 2. just hopeless about finding a man in their lives. On these pants, I swear I have seen every color imaginable during my year and a half here at Fairfield. And that applies for both girls and guys.

Guys also undergo a dramatic change in wardrobe with the impending cold weather. Considering that Fairfield is one of the more preppy schools in the area, this usually translates into wearing any and all kinds of pants along with that comfy North Face/Patagonia jacket. I firmly believe that if we checked every student’s closet, results would show that the guys have more colored pants than the ladies. Back home, I have never seen so many men in bright pastel pants. Seriously, it makes my eyes hurt.

Personally, my many pairs of sweatpants are my best friends in the winter. From Monday to Friday, you can find me in navy sweatpants and a grey sweatshirt or vice versa. It is easily the most relaxing and snug clothing combo a guy can find. One of the few times you can catch me in jeans this season will be on this HB/HC picture in an effort to look presentable.

So I hate to break it to you gentlemen, but sweatpants are the way to go and I’m sorry that you paid so much for all those colored pants. Make the switch to sweats and you won’t regret it. As for the ladies, stick to what you’re doing because according to my standards, you all know how to dress for winter. The comfortable land of sweatpants is a hard one to leave.

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