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So there you have it folks, a football game played between horses and a bunch of birds. By this of course I mean the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLVIII. Personally, from the get-go I had no stake in this game considering my boys, The New York Giants, had a terrible record this year.

Still, I was pumped for a good game of football, since I’m one of only a couple friends who actually cares about this sport. As I started to watch the game, though, I honestly started to wonder about point shaving and throwing the game – was Denver trying to lose?

I will hand it to Peyton Manning for setting a Super Bowl record of 34 completions in a game. Unfortunately, he also caused two interceptions and never set his team up for a winning start.

Within the first 12 seconds of the game as Manning called an audible, the ball was snapped back into the end zone for a safety – clearly he and Ramirez have some communication issues – it was an automatic two points to the Seahawks.

After that, the Broncos went downhill and the Seahawks did some damage. I mean, look at Percy Harvin. That boy should be in the Olympics for track. Once he had the ball, I don’t think there was a linebacker in the NFL who could have kept up with him.

By halftime, the game was 22-zilch and had been relatively boring up until that point. I believe within my group of friends, pizza was being ordered, oddball homework was being done and we basically talked about everything except football.

Then there was the halftime show, which was at best, odd. I’m sorry, but Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers are not the first two acts I would think to put together, not after seeing Kendrick Lamar and Imagine Dragons at the Grammys (let’s be real: That was amazing). I will hand it to Bruno Mars though, for a man that is shorter than myself, he has a powerhouse voice like I have never heard.

As for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, I enjoyed their music years ago and it would have been an enjoyable performance to watch had they not looked like escaped cons jumping around on stage half-naked.

With the start of the second half, Manning threw a 14-yard pass in the third quarter that prevented the Broncos from being the first team in Super Bowl to score zero points, and the Broncos got a touchdown!

The crowd went wild, but the Broncos inevitably tasted defeat when Wilson caught a touchdown pass for the Seahawks to close out the fourth quarter. The game ended 43 Seattle, 8 Denver closing out one of the most boring games in Super Bowl history. Congratulations, Seattle, now go home and get back to logging, writing grunge music or whatever it is you do in the off-season.


His Beer – Patrick Kiernan

The Super Bowl goes right next to Christmas and my birthday when it comes to my favorite days of the year. Look at all the fun events that come along with it: the NFL Championship, some comical commercials, the halftime performance and a great time with family and friends.

Unfortunately, the Super Bowl was a big disappointment this year, in my opinion. As a huge sports fan, I was enticed by the idea of watching the number one offensive team, the Denver Broncos, face off against the number one defensive team, the Seattle Seahawks.

However, the Broncos looked like the worst team in the NFL on Sunday. Seriously, my junior varsity high school football team might have given a better fight than Peyton Manning and that seemingly sorry offense of his.

I was rooting for the Broncos in this game, but expected it to be close. I’m sure every Fairfield female was rooting for them too because of Eric Decker. But wow, was I wrong. Peyton Manning, the quarterback who threw an NFL-record 60 touchdowns this season, was only able to scavenge one for his team. The Seahawks, on the other hand, had five touchdowns and ended with 43 points.

Although I have never really paid attention to the commercials, I tried to find some entertaining ones this year to take away from the pain of watching the game. I searched to no avail.

The only Super Bowl commercials that I kind of laughed at were the Doritos ones. And yes, the Budweiser commercial with the dog and the horse was very cute. Otherwise I was ready to turn the television off and cry in a corner because of my disappointing Super Bowl Sunday.

The halftime performance really set me over the edge. I am not a fan of Bruno Mars or his music, and I was sad when I learned that he would be the performer. However, when I learned that the Red Hot Chili Peppers would be alongside him, I became much more excited.

All throughout the Bruno Mars performance, I eagerly waited for the Chili Peppers to take the stage. After they sang just one song and left the arena, I was so let down.

I expected for the stage to be shared evenly by the two musical acts, but again I was wrong. The only thing that could have made me happier was if Tyler, the Creator appeared to end the show.

Honestly, can we just get Beyoncé to do the halftime show every year? She rocked that stage last year and provided viewers with so many surprises like the appearance of Destiny’s Child. Plus, she recently came out with a new surprise album.

All you would need in future years is for Jay-Z and Kanye West to join her on stage. This would make for a more watchable Super Bowl.

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