HE said…

Most of the time you and your girl get to the bar or club and you do your thing and she does hers. There is no need to have the reinforcement of your relationship by having her and her friends hang out with you and yours. Half the time they complain about how us guys talk too much about sports, booze and bodily functions. Not hanging out together is great, but it increases the risk of having little-man syndrome guys and tight-shirted steak-faces trying to scam your girl. What now?

RELAX and don’t be possessive or obsessive. You’ll look like a tool. If she really is your girl, she knows to blow this guy off cause she likes your goods more. If she actually falls for this bananahead then you should leave her at the bar like a skunked beer.

TRUST her and know it is probably just an ego boost for her. After all, its nice to know that your looks have not deteriorated since you last postponed single life. Guys and girls appreciate pick up attempts equally. Anyone who says they don’t is either conceited or cocky. Besides, it is always fun to joke about the attempted pick-up lines later with your girl.

ACT but don’t get violent. If you see that your girl is really getting mad then you have to step in. Make this guy feel like a jackass. Here is an idea. Let the guy get in some lines. Approach the two of them, tap her on the shoulder and pretend you have no idea who she is. Drop a really bad pick up line like, “Nice shoes… (you know what comes next here).” Leave with her but make sure to shake that losers hand first and make him wonder why his pimp hand can’t be as strong as yours. Oh yeah, your girl can add to the insult by giving him a quarter and telling him to call her when he gets some better game.

SHE said…

Picture this … you’re out with some friends and your boyfriend. Suddenly, across the room you spot some girl in an animal-printed tight tube top gawking at your boyfriend. What would I do? Honestly, I would flip out.

Excuse me, but there will be no hitting on my significant other. There is nothing more annoying than a hoochie-koochie girl who stares down your guy in the middle of a bar, when you are blatantly holding hands with him. Does she not realize you are an item and he is in fact taken?

Maybe it’s a tad possessive, but I do not deal with other girls who try to hit on my man. I’m sure he would like it, but trust me most guys do not need anything else to increase their ego. It should be my job to boost his self esteem so if he gets a kick out of some girl who wants a piece; I’m just not holding my own weight.

A lot of people will say they are complimented when someone checks out their significant other, but I think that’s a little insecure. I don’t need other girls reminding me what I have is good looking and worthwhile, I’d rather know it myself.

If you need other people to stare at your other-half to make you feel better, then you need to rethink your relationship a little bit.

I guess this stems from my “not so good” quality some call “jealousy.” I like to pawn my jealousy off as a cute affection, but really it does get kind of nasty. I’d rather not add anymore fuel to my fire, just ask one of my ex-boyfriends.

There may be one instance when I don’t mind being present when someone hits on my boyfriend. If your guy is completely not phased by the pick-up, then you can be sure he knows where his bread is buttered. And that’s how I like it!

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