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When you are in love, at the stage in life when you are positive you want to settle down, money will not matter. Love doesn’t cost a thing. At least, this is what I have been told, so end of discussion on that. However, what I know for sure does cost a g-damn fortune is the pursuit of love also known as dating.

Single life is great, no one to answer to and no one to yell at you when you light your farts on fire. What isn’t so great is dating all the time trying to find that special someone you will call your “love.” Finding love by dating all the time really lands a blow to that bulge in your pocket (no, not that, your wallet.)

On a typical college guy’s income (anywhere from $5 to $100 per week depending on how many NCAA bets you make with your roommate) you are limited as to what you can do on a date. The dates and the gifts cost a pretty penny but you really feel the pain when you find yourself changing your lifestyle because of it. Love – I use that term loosely by the way – costs you beer at the bar, late night food with your boys, gas money, money for housing bills, and other monetary-dependent functions and activities. It slowly eats you away.

My advice, find a sugar daddy or mommy. Not someone two, three, or four times your age but just someone to pick up the tab at the end of the night. I don’t know about you but I think I could learn to love someone willing to buy me fur coats and diamond rings. Maybe I can get over the wrinkles and stretch marks and prove to myself that I am not shallow and looks aren’t everything.

Maybe love is worth it, or maybe to quote the wedding singer, “Love stinks” and trying to find it costs you everything.

SHE Said…

If you know me, then you know I love J-Lo, so of course I agree with her. She realizes it’s not ‘all about the benjamins’- that’s why she dumped Puffy, and married one of her sexy dancers.

In a superficial world where money matters; it is extremely easy to be swept away by a man with money. But, ewww… that’s so shallow. I am totally turned off by a guy who tries to impress me with his money. And a guy sporting his parents’ money especially repulses me. I mean, I’m dating you not your father, I couldn’t care less if he owns a boat.

I have a shoebox in my room filled with keepsakes because when I close my eyes, I can remember that moment with that person. My most romantic moments, when a guy has completely won me over, haven’t had much to do with money. Times that stick out are things like Chinese take-out and Nick at Nite or sitting on the beach on a beautiful day.

Don’t get me wrong, expensive dinners are great. It’s fun getting all dressed up and going out. But, honestly I’m more of a sweatpants-wearing, cuddlin’ on the couch kind of girl. I think it’s so much more intimate and personal.

Growing up, I definitely fantasized a Cinderella life. That b*tch got it all! She gets all decked out, goes to the ball, gets the fine prince, gets the castle and I’m sure she got some of that money. But didn’t Cinderella fall in love before she knew that cutie was loaded? Money doesn’t make the prince.

Money is a great, added surprise. After all, how else can I afford that beautiful beach house I always imagined me and my husband escaping to on weekends? But really, I’d much rather be holding my man than holding some expensive necklace he gave me. Having money can buy you things that can make you happy. I’d rather have love, and my love don’t cost a thing.

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