I think frats would be an interesting and awesome element to add to the Fairfield campus. Here is why.

One, frats tend to be viewed as elitist institutions. The demand by students to be a member of an elitist institution would be so great, enrollment would shoot to extremely high levels at the mere introduction of frats. That also entails an influx of tons of money, so the frats would be able to sponsor kick-ass events and be an awesome spirit and influence on campus.

Two, frat members tend to be more successful than their non-frat counter parts. It is a proven fact that frat brothers tend to graduate with higher grade point averages and in a shorter period of time. It is also a proven fact that frat brothers make more money and 3 out of 4 CEOs of Fortune 500 companies were part of a frat. Making money is good.

Let’s not forget the biggest thing, the idea of the brotherhood. Frats, although they have many taboos associated with them, are very healthy. The ideals espoused by the charter of the frat tend to be well respected and lived by. The frat may also ingrain in its members a social responsibility for others and a responsibility to the self. It also creates friendships, ties, and identity in a larger organization for a lifetime. I definitely think that a mere organization that can define a person to such a degree is an awesome idea.

Finally, frats just have great parties. Toga parties and initiations. These get-togethers are awesome and expensive and are unlike any other party at Fairfield. There are tons of people, living life up, drinking a few drinks, socializing, and partying hard. And besides that, there is a sea of hot girls ready to go wild at these parties. Hey, and you’ve got those sister sororities! What could be better?

Bottom Line: Money, parties, brotherhood—all in one house! Would I join a frat? Without question, hell yes.


I’m not going to lie, I always thought that being in a sorority in college was the only way to go. When I thought about college, it always seemed like getting dressed up and going to a frat party would be the coolest thing. But, after hearing horror stories about rushing, I don’t think I’d be interested in joining if we had them at Fairfield.

A friend of mine rushed for a sorority and had to sit underneath a cow for ten hours or until it plopped on her face. Are you kidding me? Being in the most popular sorority isn’t worth that.

That same girl would get phone calls at five in the morning to go to the Quickie Mart and get a bag of Doritos for one of her “sisters” in the poring rain. I don’t think most people would do that for a real sister.

It seems like the whole tradition has gotten ridiculous and cult-like. You have to do everything for whichever frat or sorority you pledge for and pledging has to be your first and only concern.

I think I would get totally annoyed hanging out with the same snobby girls every night whose idea of bonding time is me painting their toe nails, or something dumb like that. I would prefer to have friends that like me for reasons other than I pay them to.

The thing that gets me the most is that no one is allowed to wear, touch or be near anything with your Greek letters on it. That’s so stupid. Your letters are too sacred for any non-pledged person to breathe on. I don’t know the meaning behind all this stuff, but it seems more like forced companionship.

I’d rather pick and choose my own friends and do what I want when I want. Don’t get me wrong, if we had Greek Life at Fairfield I’d love to go to the parties, I just wouldn’t want to be the brunt of everyone’s jokes.

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